An Open Letter to Donald Trump, President Elect


The American people have spoken and chosen you as their next President.  Congratulations are in order, to you and to your campaign which managed, it has to be admitted, to do something no one really ever expected and usher you into the highest office in the land.  So, congratulations.

Please be assured that you and your administration will have my prayers for wisdom, guidance, and the fortitude to practice the kind of governance which pleases the Almighty.  And you will also have my prayers for correction and discipline if and when your decisions are in opposition to the principles of Christianity.

It would be less than honest of me to pretend that you are my personal choice.  I find your language offensive, your misogyny repugnant, your views of immigrants and migrants reprehensible, and your personal ethics (or lack thereof) disheartening.  So I will also be praying that you have, at some point quite soon, a literal ‘Come to Jesus’ moment where you actually come to Jesus.  For no Christian can say the things you say and act the way you act and not be scalded to their soul.

If you need some assistance in the matter of your own spiritual awakening and rebirth, call me up.  I’m easy to find.

Yours sincerely,

Jim West

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