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The Election: The Core Truth

The Democrats lost the election because the Democrats didn’t vote. Your apathy is to blame for your loss and for President Trump.  You gave him the White House.  Yes.  It’s your own doing.  So suck it up and deal with … Continue reading

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Fearmongering as Political Tool

Fearmongering is wrong when the right does it, and equally wrong when the left does it.  It’s manipulation,  nothing more.

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Pity the Nation…

Pity the nation that is full of beliefs and empty of religion. Pity the nation that wears a cloth it does not weave and eats a bread it does not harvest. Pity the nation that acclaims the bully as hero, … Continue reading

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Calvin On the Restraint of Power

We know how insatiable are the desires of kings, inasmuch as they imagine that all things are lawful to them. Therefore, although the royal dignity may be splendid, God would not have it to be the pretext of unrestrained power, … Continue reading

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We Are Pilgrims…

And this world is not our home.  Let the reader understand.

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An Open Letter to Donald Trump, President Elect

Sir, The American people have spoken and chosen you as their next President.  Congratulations are in order, to you and to your campaign which managed, it has to be admitted, to do something no one really ever expected and usher … Continue reading

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An Outsider Analysis of the Election of D J Trump

Read Ian’s.  It’s right on the money.  So is his conclusion: Christians can hardly rejoice in the election of Trump with any integrity. After all, Trump is indeed a misogynistic, racist, manipulative, deceitful and ignorant man.

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A Plea to my British Friends in Manchester, Nottingham, and Birmingham…

I’m looking forward to my visit in a couple of months but with the destruction of the Dollar (thanks, American voters) I may be eating out of rubbish bins while in your lovely country. That said, please do toss out … Continue reading

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‘Our Bonhoeffer Moment’??????

What the devil is this person suggesting?  Because whatever it is, it isn’t anything I’ll be doing!

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Signs of the Times


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Signs of the Times: The Orange Beast of the Apocalypse

Orange Beast of the Apocalypse.  Somme le Roi, Britanny 1464 (BnF, Français 958, fol. 6v).

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Understanding God’s Incomprehensible Providence

We struggle and waver in the matter of Providence. When It presents Itself before our eyes so plainly that we are forced even against our will to see It, regard It, and execute Its commands, we yet bid ourselves to … Continue reading

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It’s True You Know…

We really do get the politicians we deserve.

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