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Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh

No, it isn’t.  God is eternal.  Music isn’t eternal.  Music is temporal.  And if you had any theological training you’d understand that.

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The Most Important News of the Day

Bibliophilia — @Libroantiguo  — #OnThisDay in 1602 the refurbished Bodleian Library at Oxford University was officially opened to the public.

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The Darkness of Paganism- It is Very Dark Indeed

On Oct. 24, a 4-year-old girl went missing from her home in the Charaideo district of upper Assam, a mostly tribal state in northeast India. Last Monday, the child’s body was found in a forest about 75 to 90 yards from the … Continue reading

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What is Going on Down in Atlanta with SBL’s Executive Board?

John Cook writes Dear Colleagues, We want to share with you our disappointment and concern over the recent downgrading of  the Linguistic and Biblical Hebrew program unit from a section to a seminar (on the distinction, see here) by the Society … Continue reading

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Reformation: Zentren – Akteure – Ereignisse

A new volume from V&R by Irene Dingel sure to get the blood rushing. Die Reformation, ein historischer Prozess, der auf eine umfassende kirchlich-theologische Erneuerung zielte und zugleich tiefgreifende Wirkungen in Kultur, Gesellschaft und Politik hervorbrachte, war für Europa ein … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli in His Letters

The 8th of November, 1528, was an interesting day in Zwingli’s life.  Two letters from two colleagues were written on that day.  The first, by his old friend Oecolampadius; and the second, by his new friend Bullinger.  Oecolampadius’ letter discusses … Continue reading

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The Bible, Zionism, and Palestine

This free e-book can be yours, free.  It includes a barnburner by Keith Whitelam.  Just read it.  Did I mention it was free?

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The Hilariously titled ‘Lead Sea Scrolls’ Case, Yet Again…

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has called for a fresh examination of the Jordanian Codices, a series of about 50 metal books variously described as a key find in Biblical archaeology and a crude fake, after tests showed … Continue reading

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Prayer for the Day

σὺ κύριε καρδιογνῶστα πάντων, ἀνάδειξον ὃν ἐξελέξω ἐκ τούτων τῶν δύο ἕνα…

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Selfie 500

Now this is fun and informative. EXPO « LE SELFIE DES PROTESTANTS »  Exposition proposée par l’Eglise évangélique réformée du canton de Vaud à l’occasion du 500ème anniversaire de la réforme.

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