Election Day Commentary Sale

Good news, friends, to help get your mind off of electioneering and on to things of a weightier subject, The Commentary is on sale from now through Wednesday for half price.  Acquire the PDF’s from yours truly for a paltry $100 by clicking my PayPal Link.  It’s that simple.


You’ll learn from them.  Here’s what other’s have said:


“Seriously, … It is a really great commentary, and I’m enjoying and learning quite a bit from it.”– Ken Leonard.


Jim has a way of wording his explanations of the scripture in such a way that it makes you want to read deeper and then just watch and see what God can do! Jim is a gifted person and I am glad that God has blessed his life so that he could in turn bless mine.

Sherry Liles
Knoxville, TN


… you will find them a superb companion to your own reading of the Bible and, as importantly, a great reminder of just how much the early Church struggled with some of the same problems we face now.

Gareth Jones, Principal
Ming Hua Theological College
Hong Kong