Why I Have Spent More Time Denouncing Trump Than Clinton

Several of my friends have asked me why I haven’t said as much about Clinton as I have Trump.  That’s an easy question to answer, and it isn’t because I like Clinton (I don’t, at all).  Nor is it because I dislike Trump more (I despise both of them equally to be honest but that’s my feeling about most of America’s politicians anyway).

No, the reason I have denounced Trump so vociferously is because

  • He has described himself as a Christian and there’s simply nothing Christian about the man.
  • He has high profile evangelical (whatever that means now) supporters who endorse him in spite of the fact that he has nothing Christian about him.
  • And the reason for those endorsements isn’t because of love of Trump so much as pure unmitigated hatred of Clinton.

In other words, Trump has assembled a bevy of supporters who associate themselves with the cause of Christ and that, that I simply cannot, will not, dare not tolerate.  Consequently, because he has outspoken supporters like the pretend Evangelicals Eric Metaxas and Jerry Falwell Jr, he requires opponents among authentic Christians.

Had Evangelicals known better than endorse Trump I would have let him alone.  Had Trump known better than to call himself a Christian I would have let him alone.  But as soon as Evangelicals began supporting him and as soon as he pretended Christian faith I saw it as my duty to let the world know that real Christians recognize wolves in sheep’s clothing and are willing to warn the flock.