The Utterly Fantastic Lutherbibel 2017

My copy arrived this morning and I’ve been enjoying it some this afternoon.  Aside from the Biblical text (which is fantastically translated) it includes a biography of Luther at the beginning, notes and helps at the end, maps, and Luther’s introductions to the biblical books!  It came in a slip cover box which includes a family history for the book’s possessor and a nice little gift of additional cloth strip bookmarks.

I’ve snapped some photos.  At 25 Euro, this is really quite the steal.  And, really, what better way to commemorate the 500th Anniversary than with a Jubilee Edition Bible?

Contact the German Bible Society directly:

Please write an email to to place your order.   You can have a look at the edtions that will reach publication on 19th October 2016 here:  Please don’t try to order online unless you have a payment and shipping address in Germany. Pre-orderes from outside Germany can only be place via email to our sales department.  We’re really looking forward to the launch of the revised Lutherbibel 2017! You can find more information about the new Bible here: