The Media is Responsible for the Rise of Trumpism and the Spread of Misinformation

Donald Trump is a regular pathological liar.  It seems he is truly incapable of speaking the truth.  And yet the media, aiding him by providing him with millions of dollars of free publicity, have stood by and refused to fact check.

They’ve also failed to fact check Hillary to the extent that the American public deserves.

As a consequence, this campaign season has been a season of misinformation and ultimately insanity.  Lies and more lies are spewed and the media simply reports them without looking into their facticity.  Fox allows Trump to go unchecked and MSNBC does the same for Clinton.   All media outlets are guilty of this dreadful behavior with the notable exception of NPR.

The media used to be known as the Fourth Estate.  Google it.  Now that’s no longer the case.  Fox works for Trump and MSNBC works for Clinton and the rest of the networks are on a sliding scale between the two.  And it’s disgraceful.

The media have failed the public.  Miserably.  And they will be held accountable for it.  The media is responsible for the rise of Trumpism and the spread of misinformation from both campaigns about both candidates and all the rest right on down the electoral chain.

People on the far right often say that the media can’t be trusted, and they’re right.  Not for the reasons they think, though, but because the media have failed to hold elected officials of every political stripe accountable to the one thing they all avoid assiduously: the TRUTH.

I don’t believe a single post, blog entry, tweet, facebook post, or news ‘report’ when they concern any politician.  You’d have to be an idiot to do so.