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Another O’Brien Commentary Bites the Dust

In the summer of 2016 Zondervan Academic became aware of emerging concerns that one of its authors, Dr. Peter T. O’Brien, may not have followed commonly accepted standards for the use and documentation of secondary resources in Bible commentaries he … Continue reading

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Explaining Why God Punishes us With Vile Polititicans

Wicked politicians are indeed appointed by God, but it is in his anger, and because we do not deserve to be placed under his government. He gives a loose rein to tyrants and wicked men, in order to punish our ingratitude, … Continue reading

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Archaeology Has Always Been a Political Tool: The ‘Jerusalem Papyrus’ Is Just the Latest Iteration

Archaeology has long been used by the state of Israel as a means of demonstrating modern Jewish rights to an old land. Palestinians, for their part, have often resisted these findings, either rejecting them outright or pointing to other ancient … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Via the Christian History Institute-

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The Crime of the Half Millennium: The Kidnapped Bible

Remember when kidnappers used to snatch a victim and then they would cut and paste words and phrases from the newspapers and magazines and send them to the family of the victim, demanding ransom? Well about 500 years ago the … Continue reading

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The Utterly Fantastic Lutherbibel 2017

My copy arrived this morning and I’ve been enjoying it some this afternoon.  Aside from the Biblical text (which is fantastically translated) it includes a biography of Luther at the beginning, notes and helps at the end, maps, and Luther’s … Continue reading

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Sad News- Peter Flint has Died

Dan McClellan — @maklelan  Incredibly sad to hear Peter Flint has passed away.

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The Media is Responsible for the Rise of Trumpism and the Spread of Misinformation

Donald Trump is a regular pathological liar.  It seems he is truly incapable of speaking the truth.  And yet the media, aiding him by providing him with millions of dollars of free publicity, have stood by and refused to fact … Continue reading

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An Anomalous Jew

Eerdmans have sent a review copy of Mike Bird’s new book. Though Paul is often lauded as the first great Christian theologian and a champion for Gentile inclusion in the church, in his own time he was universally regarded as … Continue reading

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Here’s a Fun Fact

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SBL in Days Gone By – 2007 – and Soon #SBLAAR16

This gallery contains 7 photos.


SBL in Days Gone By – 2005 – And Soon #SBLAAR16

This gallery contains 13 photos.


SBL in Days Gone By- 2009 and Soon #SBLAAR16

This gallery contains 10 photos.

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The Goal of Life isn’t to be Liked

Wie viele „Likes“ habe ich schon? Für alle, die auf Facebook aktiv sind, stellt sich die Frage mehrmals in der Woche. Bei LinkedIn schmeichelt die Meldung: „Dein Profil findet Beachtung“. Twitterer haben „Followers“, was impliziert, dass die User alle „Leaders“ … Continue reading

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