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Another O’Brien Commentary Bites the Dust

peter-obrienIn the summer of 2016 Zondervan Academic became aware of emerging concerns that one of its authors, Dr. Peter T. O’Brien, may not have followed commonly accepted standards for the use and documentation of secondary resources in Bible commentaries he had written. Consequently, we began a careful review of Dr. O’Brien’s commentary on Colossians and Philemon, volume 44 in the Word Biblical Commentary (WBC).

It is with sadness and regret that we have concluded this volume does not follow commonly accepted standards for the use and documentation of secondary resources. Dr. O’Brien is revered by his colleagues in the academy and by his former students. His commentaries, including volume 44 in the WBC, have been used with great benefit by the thousands who have purchased them. While we have no reason to believe that Dr. O’Brien intentionally misused secondary resources, our commitment to high publishing standards leaves us no choice but to put volume 44 of the WBC out of print in both its print and digital formats and to destroy the remaining inventory.

Plagiarism….  see how bad it sucks.

Explaining Why God Punishes us With Vile Polititicans

Wicked politicians are indeed appointed by God, but it is in his anger, and because we do not deserve to be placed under his government. He gives a loose rein to tyrants and wicked men, in order to punish our ingratitude, as if he had forsaken or ceased to govern us. — John Calvin


Everyone wants tyranny to be abolished; but when they are set free, they cannot bear this either. Therefore he concedes that wicked politicians exist in order to punish their subjects, but he also teaches that one should nevertheless put up with them. — Martin Luther


Wicked men love wicked politicians for being the servants of satan; but faithful men must honour and obey government, as an office of God. — Richard Baxter


Archaeology Has Always Been a Political Tool: The ‘Jerusalem Papyrus’ Is Just the Latest Iteration

Archaeology has long been used by the state of Israel as a means of demonstrating modern Jewish rights to an old land. Palestinians, for their part, have often resisted these findings, either rejecting them outright or pointing to other ancient artifacts to support their own national claims. In the Holy Land, historical heritage is one of the few truly abundant resources, and it stands at the center of the latest battle in the decades-old conflict.

Last week, the U.N.’s culture and heritage body, Unesco, passed a resolution referring to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount exclusively by its Arabic name—the Haram al-Sharif, or Noble Sanctuary—and only mentioning its significance to Islam. For Muslims, Jerusalem is the third holiest city, behind Mecca and Medina. For Jews, it is the most sacred: Two Jewish temples stood there in antiquity.

The Unesco resolution outraged Israel. The head of the Israel Antiquities Authority, the government body in charge of archaeology and artifacts, likened Unesco to Islamic State in its destruction of cultural heritage. The Palestinian Authority praised the move for preserving the city for the three monotheistic faiths and saw it as a political win, with one official accusing Israel of “using archaeological claims and distortion of facts as a way to legitimize the annexation of occupied east Jerusalem.”

And more, which do read.

Quote of the Day

Via the Christian History Institute-


The Crime of the Half Millennium: The Kidnapped Bible

noteRemember when kidnappers used to snatch a victim and then they would cut and paste words and phrases from the newspapers and magazines and send them to the family of the victim, demanding ransom?

Well about 500 years ago the Bible was kidnapped and it has been tormented by its kidnappers ever since.

Who are these criminals?  The countless dilettantes who revel in cutting and pasting words and phrases from bits and pieces of the Bible so that it can be made to say whatever they want it to say.  Without hermeneutical sense or the guidance of the Spirit, they have cut the text to shreds and reassembled it in their own image.

Of all the crimes committed in the last half millennium, this is the most widespread.  It happens every day, every hour, in every corner of the world.  And it is a crime because its practitioners are deceivers and deceived.

Say no to the kidnappers.  Say no to the ridiculous notion that everyone’s opinion of the Bible matters.  Say no to spiritual murderers!  Rescue the Bible from its distorters and stop accepting their misprisions.  For your own sake.

The Utterly Fantastic Lutherbibel 2017

My copy arrived this morning and I’ve been enjoying it some this afternoon.  Aside from the Biblical text (which is fantastically translated) it includes a biography of Luther at the beginning, notes and helps at the end, maps, and Luther’s introductions to the biblical books!  It came in a slip cover box which includes a family history for the book’s possessor and a nice little gift of additional cloth strip bookmarks.

I’ve snapped some photos.  At 25 Euro, this is really quite the steal.  And, really, what better way to commemorate the 500th Anniversary than with a Jubilee Edition Bible?

Contact the German Bible Society directly:

Please write an email to vertrieb@dbg.de to place your order.   You can have a look at the edtions that will reach publication on 19th October 2016 here:  https://www.bibelonline.de/de/alle-produkte/themenwelten/lutherbibel-2017/.  Please don’t try to order online unless you have a payment and shipping address in Germany. Pre-orderes from outside Germany can only be place via email to our sales department.  We’re really looking forward to the launch of the revised Lutherbibel 2017! You can find more information about the new Bible here:  www.lutherbibel2017.de

Sad News- Peter Flint has Died

An Anomalous Jew

birdEerdmans have sent a review copy of Mike Bird’s new book.

Though Paul is often lauded as the first great Christian theologian and a champion for Gentile inclusion in the church, in his own time he was universally regarded as a strange and controversial person. In this book Pauline scholar Michael Bird explains why.

An Anomalous Jew presents the figure of Paul in all his complexity with his blend of common and controversial Jewish beliefs and a faith in Christ that brought him into conflict with the socio-religious scene around him. Bird elucidates how the apostle Paul was variously perceived — as a religious deviant by Jews, as a divisive figure by Jewish Christians, as a purveyor of dubious philosophy by Greeks, and as a dangerous troublemaker by the Romans. Readers of this book will better understand the truly anomalous shape of Paul’s thinking and worldview.

Let’s see if it’s any good.

Here’s a Fun Fact


The Goal of Life isn’t to be Liked

Wie viele „Likes“ habe ich schon? Für alle, die auf Facebook aktiv sind, stellt sich die Frage mehrmals in der Woche. Bei LinkedIn schmeichelt die Meldung: „Dein Profil findet Beachtung“. Twitterer haben „Followers“, was impliziert, dass die User alle „Leaders“ sind. Geben wir es zu: Das Verlangen nach Anerkennung und Rechtfertigung (Du bist gut, du machst es richtig) ist 500 Jahre nach Luthers Frage nach einem gnädigen Gott stärker denn je.

„Sola fide“- Rechtfertigung allein durch Vertrauen, nicht durch Werke. Das ist eine Botschaft für heute. Ich kenne Menschen, die richtig „getrieben“ sind, alles allen recht zu machen. Ich bin ja auch einer dieser Menschen. Vielleicht ist mir deswegen die Rechtfertigungslehre so wichtig. Ich brauche sie – sonst gehe ich unter den vielen Erwartungen unter. Dabei haben wir es in der Kirche noch recht gnädig. „Da draussen“ in der Welt geht es anders zu und her.

Inzwischen wird fast alles im Internet beurteilt. Jedes Restaurant, jede Autogarage hat eine Website mit Sternchen, die man antippen kann. Darf man sich einen Fehler oder einen enttäuschten Kunden erlauben? Selbst Prostituierte trauen sich nicht, eigene Grenzen zu wahren aus lauter Angst vor einer schlechten Bewertung im Internet. (Aussage in einem Interview des evangelischen Wochenmagazins „Chrismon“ 04. 2016) Ein Fünftel der Jugendlichen fühlt sich verunsichert, wenn sie sich mit den perfekten Selfies und aufregenden Partyfotos von Gleichaltrigen vergleichen. (Tagesanzeiger am 21.10.2014). Natürlich ist die Sorge um das Aussehen und das Beliebtsein nicht neu. Aber durch Social Media und die Möglichkeit, mit Photoshop Selfies zu faken, ist der Druck gestiegen. Cybermobbing und Sexting haben schon mehrfach zum Selbstmord der Opfer geführt. Wenn so viele Bekannte und Unbekannte über mich urteilen und ein negatives Bild von mir verbreiten, bin ich hilflos ausgeliefert.

Enjoy the rest of the insightful piece.