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Michael Langlois on the ‘Jerusalem Papyrus’

Here.  He says

MichaelLangloisLe sensationnel assorti à la présentation de ce papyrus en finirait presque par éclipser les questions que soulève sa lecture. Est-ce le roi de Juda qui fait venir à Jérusalem du vin pris sur ses réserves personnelles ? Est-ce l’un de ses sujets qui lui envoie ce vin, comme cadeau ou comme impôt ? Est-ce un roi voisin qui offre à son homologue judaïte quelques-unes de ses meilleures bouteilles ? Que contenaient les lignes précédentes ? S’il est authentique, ce papyrus n’a pas fini de nous livrer ses secrets !

What Inspired Luther, Really, To Write his 95 Theses?

Mystery solved.  Get a copy for yourself and maybe you’ll change the world too.



Christians do not yet fully appreciate how damaging it is to their testimony to be blindly obedient to their favorite politician’s policy. But they will.  They will taste regret.

Yeah, You Don’t Want the Bible to Get in the Way Of Living your Life, Do you Precious…


Who wants any of that bothersome ‘you shall be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect’ stuff getting in the way, right precious?

This is exactly what’s wrong with so much that calls itself Christian these days.  The exaltation of personal desire and the abrogation of even the clearest and simplest Scriptural adjuration.

The Bee Stings Jen Hatmaker and her Doctrinal Revampings

HGTV crews followed Jen and Brandon Hatmaker’s quest to overhaul an old farmhouse for their growing family in hit show “My Big Family Renovation.” Now the home improvement cable channel has confirmed that they have asked the Hatmakers back for a new series entitled “My Biblical Doctrine Renovation.”

“The Hatmakers have an uncanny knack for tearing down old, worn-out, traditional things and replacing them with new, shiny fixtures and appliances, and they’ll be using these skills to renovate a traditional teaching from Scripture in each episode,” said an HGTV spokesperson.

“In every fun, relatable episode of the show, the Hatmakers will take a boring, traditional biblical doctrine, rip it to shreds using words like ‘tender’ and ‘nuanced,’ and replace it with something much more modern and acceptable,” the spokesperson said as part of the official announcement on the cable channel’s website.

“Viewers will get to see the detailed, step-by-step process of updating out-of-vogue beliefs into something cutting-edge and trendy.”

According to an early episode guide obtained by reporters, the Hatmakers will turn their renovation skills to the traditional understanding of doctrines like sin, gay marriage, hell, and the church.

At publishing time, Jen Hatmaker had tweeted that she was so excited to begin casting aside centuries of church doctrinal agreement in favor of her own vision that she “can’t even.”

#Bam.  The nearer the truth, the better the irony.  And this is, as things go, nearly ironically perfect.

Unsubstantiated ‘Expertise’: An Observation

We live in a time of unsubstantiated ‘expertise’ where dilettantism is king and facts are discounted.

Luther: Zankapfel zwischen den Konfessionen und ‘Vater im Glauben’?

53567 Asbach - Bonner Straße 39 - rose@sievernich.de

As part of preparations for the 2017 anniversary of the Reformation it is becoming increasingly clear that the reaching of a common consensus concerning both the event itself and the central figure of Martin Luther cannot be taken for granted. In recent years there has been an at times heated debate within media and academic circles concerning not only how the Reformation should be properly perceived, but also surrounding the figure of Luther within it. It has become clear that Luther’s image has been formed by deeply rooted confessional traditions and specific national constellations, which form a hindrance to a common, intra-evangelical commemoration, let alone a cross-denominational one. The contributors to this volume examine historical differences in the perception of Martin Luther and explore ways in which they can be comprehended within the context of systematic theology.

Visit ISD for more.

The Bee Stings the Social Gospel Panderings of Today’s Parsons

They said it couldn’t be done. They said it was impossible. But Pastor Joe DeCarlo of First United Methodist Church proved them all wrong, by pastoring for over twenty years without ever once preaching the gospel to his congregation.

Parishioners confirmed Wednesday that through hundreds of different sermon series throughout the years, they’d heard moral advice, inspirational axioms, and pithy sayings, but they couldn’t ever recall being told that they’re sinners in need of the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The gospel? I’ve heard it from those wacky street preacher guys at the mall before,” long-standing church member Henrietta Marie said. “But no, I don’t suppose I ever heard it from DeCarlo.” Other church members agreed, claiming the shepherd of their souls had never mentioned the simple message of hope in Christ’s person and work.

“I’d like to thank my mentors and those inspiring heroes who made this all possible,” DeCarlo told his church in a ceremony celebrating twenty years of gospel-free preaching.

At publishing time, DeCarlo had announced his intentions to continue failing to mention the salvation God offers sinners in Christ for five to ten more years, at which point he plans on retiring with a perfect, gospel-less record.

Can he do it? Well, it’s never been safe to bet against him before!

What an inspiration!

His name is Legion…  Let the reader understand.

IVP and SBL Have Agreed to Calm the Storm…

By issuing a joint statement that says nothing.

Just by way of reminder- the storm broke out because SBL was considering blocking IVP from exhibiting their books at the 2017 annual meeting because IVF has a standard of employment with which the SBL overlords disagree.

You will read the ‘joint statement’ above in vain for any resolution of these issues.  Instead, you’ll discover that both are firmly committed to the exchange of ideas.

Problem solved…. I guess…  Or maybe they just hope no one notices that the situation has been addressed the same way politicians address questions when asked by the press about specific issues…

Signs of the Times


This Kind of Thing Utterly Fascinates Me

95503New from Brill

The Italian humanist Giannozzo Manetti (1396-1459) produced the first Latin translation of the Greek New Testament since Jerome’s Vulgate. It predates Erasmus’s Novum Instrumentum by half a century. Written at the Vatican court in the 1450s, it is a unique example of humanist philology applied to the sacred text in the pre-Reformation era. In “Giannozzo Manetti’s New Testament”, Annet den Haan analyzes the Latin text and argues that it was influenced by Valla’s Annotationes. The book also includes the first edition of Manetti’s text.

Isn’t that neat?

The Luther Code- The Complete Series

Arte has now posted all 6 parts of the Luther Code.  Enjoy it here.  And if you prefer to view each part directly, in their proper order, just visit these links:

Trinity Western University Wins

An evangelical Christian university in Canada has won a decision by the Appeal Court of British Columbia (BC) in favour of its ‘community covenant’ that bans its students from having sexual relations outside of heterosexual marriage.

The Appeal Court of BC yesterday released its decision in favour of Trinity Western University, describing efforts by BC’s law society to deny accreditation to the school’s future lawyers as “unreasonable.”

In a unanimous decision, a panel of five judges invoked religious freedom.

“A society that does not admit… and accommodate differences cannot be a free and democratic society, one in which its citizens are free to think, to disagree, to debate and to challenge the accepted view without fear of reprisal,” says the 66-page judgment, according to Canadian newspaper The Star.

“This case demonstrates that a well-intentioned majority acting in the name of tolerance and liberalism can, if unchecked, impose its views on the minority in a manner that is in, itself, intolerant and illiberal.”

That’s a surprise.  It’s odd given the climate in society that TWU wasn’t ordered to promote same sex marriage.  It’s also a shame that America lacks 5 judges with the same level of sense as these 5 Canadian judges.