Churches That Fail to Emphasize Worship and Scripture Study Have Destroyed Their Own Future

And they’ve taught Millennials that ‘Church’ is little more than a social club.  If all that young people are looking for in a Church is friends (they can find those at a coffee shop) and coffee (they can’t find that free at a coffee shop, so the issue becomes not ‘what can we do for Christ but what can the Church give us free’) and service projects (which they can also find in the Rotarians) then they don’t really need the Church at all.

The Church, however, is the place where, above anything else, people should be taught the importance and centrality of worship for the Christian life and the concomitant importance of Scripture for that same Christian’s life.

The more a church orients itself to the ‘felt needs’ of the herd the more it abandons it’s calling.


The Church is failing to be the church.  And it’s your fault, because you don’t understand what the Church is if you don’t understand its true purpose.