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It Was True in the 16th Century, And It’s Just as True Today

9783788730321Theologie hatten die wenigsten studiert. Aber nicht nur die theologische Qualität der Geistlichen war fraglich, auch die Moralität ihrer Lebensführung. –  Irene Dingel

Recently Discovered Hebrew Inscriptions: A Public Lecture

(King’ College, London)


6.00pm Harrie Massey Lecture Theatre (E8), 25 Gordon Street, London WCIH OAY
Followed by refreshments. [PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE FROM THE INSTITUTE OF ARCHAEOLOGY](Organised jointly with the Institute of Archaeology, University College, London)


Churches That Fail to Emphasize Worship and Scripture Study Have Destroyed Their Own Future

And they’ve taught Millennials that ‘Church’ is little more than a social club.  If all that young people are looking for in a Church is friends (they can find those at a coffee shop) and coffee (they can’t find that free at a coffee shop, so the issue becomes not ‘what can we do for Christ but what can the Church give us free’) and service projects (which they can also find in the Rotarians) then they don’t really need the Church at all.

The Church, however, is the place where, above anything else, people should be taught the importance and centrality of worship for the Christian life and the concomitant importance of Scripture for that same Christian’s life.

The more a church orients itself to the ‘felt needs’ of the herd the more it abandons it’s calling.


The Church is failing to be the church.  And it’s your fault, because you don’t understand what the Church is if you don’t understand its true purpose.

The Bee Stings the Pentebabbleist ‘Cloud Machine’

As worshipers at Bethel Church enthusiastically sang and danced at a Sunday evening service several weeks ago, onlookers were reportedly amazed to see a shining, thick mist descending from on high, only to later discover the “glory cloud” was actually a potentially deadly leak from a faulty gas line.

Church members reported a growing feeling of acute dizziness, thought to be a high from the emotional time of worship.

“We experienced a looming haze accompanied by feelings of euphoria, lightheadedness, vertigo, and fainting—so we just assumed it was the usual manifest Shekina glory of God,” one Bethel pastor told reporters after the service.

But as “a few more people than usual” fainted during the experience, church leaders began to grow concerned, and had the building evacuated as the deadly gaseous chemicals continued to slowly spread throughout the room.

Investigators later pinned the deadly chemical cloud on a rare and dangerous mixture of two different gas lines that had burst in the church’s wall.

Reports of glory cloud descending during Bethel Church worship services have completely ceased since the gas line was fixed, sources confirmed.

Michael Grandjean on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

A 20 minute + video worth your time.

Les festivités qui vont marquer le 500e anniversaire de la Réforme protestante démarrent cette semaine en Suisse, l’occasion d’interroger les traces qu’a laissées la Réforme dans la société suisse d’aujourd’hui. Michel Grandjean est professeur d’histoire du christianisme à la faculté de théologie de l’Université de Genève.



The Commentary in English History


If you would like to read what the English Monarch’s have read with joy- get yourself a copy of The Commentary.

Much to the Horror of all Good Souls…

The Official Carnival of Biblioblogdom AND the Avignonian Carnival meet here on December 1.  Our theme will be “SBL: The Run Up to The Annual Meeting, the Experience of, And the Aftermath”.   If you see SBL related posts, please send them along.

No, Pope Franky, We Don’t Need Six More ‘Beatitudes’

The ones we have, from Jesus, are sufficient.  You don’t get to add to Scripture just because you think it needs an update or modifications to suit your papal agenda.

Scripture is sufficient.  Your job is to explain it, not supplement it with your own notions.  Plus, your ridiculous ‘beatitudes’ are already covered in Scripture.  Take a look at 1 Cor 13.  It’s in the Bible.  And nothing you’ve said adds one whit to it.

  • — Blessed are those who remain faithful while enduring evils inflicted on them by others and forgive them from their heart.
  • — Blessed are those who look into the eyes of the abandoned and marginalised and show them their closeness.
  • — Blessed are those who see God in every person and strive to make others also discover him.
  • — Blessed are those who protect and care for our common home.
  • — Blessed are those who renounce their own comfort in order to help others.
  • — Blessed are those who pray and work for full communion between Christians.

Blanton, Paul, and the Anarchists 

Exclusive… indeed. So here it is here too as well…

Harnessing Chaos

Exclusive to YouTube and this blog is a lecture by Ward Blanton (University of Kent), “Paul, Apostle of the Anarchists: The Invisible Committee, Agamben, and Anti-Terror Legislation”. Thanks to Taylor Weaver for the film.

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Zum Zusammenleben geboren: Johannes Calvin – Studien zu seiner Theologie

9783290178741Die durch Johannes Calvin geprägte reformierte Tradition hat einen bedeutenden Beitrag zur Erneuerung der Kirche geleistet. Eberhard Busch erinnert daran und entfaltet in mehreren Aufsätzen verschiedene Facetten des Denkens und Handelns des Genfer Reformators.

In Calvins Bemühen um ein friedliches Zusammenleben in seiner Zeit ist eine Botschaft vernehmbar, die gerade auch heute zu uns spricht. Sein Denken ist getragen vom Gebet und genährt vom Glauben, dass Gott uns zur Gemeinschaft geschaffen hat. Darum darf die Kirche Jesu Christi verschiedene Gestalten haben, aber nicht in getrennte Kirchen auseinanderfallen. Denn alle tragen Verantwortung und haben sich für das Recht der Armen einzusetzen.

Eberhard Busch versteht es, dem Leser und der Leserin Calvins Theologie näherzubringen. Er zeigt auch eher unbekannte Seiten des Reformators auf: zum Beispiel seine grosse Liebe zur Musik, die insbesondere im Genfer Psalter zum Ausdruck kommt.

Do Not Disturb

I’ll be occupied.