Donald Trump Has Made Being Vulgar Acceptable

And that’s why things like this are happening.

A Nashville gas station that’s received national attention for a pro-Trump sign is now getting major backlash. According to the owners of Lewis Country Store on Ashland City Highway, Shell Corporation ended its contract with them because of the sign. The sign in question said “The only p**** Trump ever grabbed was Paul Ryan. Trump that b****.”  As of Midnight Friday, Shell allegedly ended its contract with the store.

Since when did that kind of vulgarity become the sort of thing we’d see on gas station signs?  Since Donald Trump became the nominee of the GOP.  Not before.

I don’t care what your politics are and frankly who you vote for is between you and God.  But if you find this kind of language, this kind of public discourse, acceptable, you yourself need a course in ethics because you have none.  And neither does Trump.