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Norman Geisler is a Heretic

The mere suggestion that a mere mortal can save America is non-Christian.  Geisler is a heretic.


Written by Jim

29 Oct 2016 at 7:44 pm

James Comey Needs to be Fired

The FBI always says that it doesn’t discuss ongoing investigations. Unless, I guess, you’re a Republican director of the FBI, the Justice Department has told you to keep quiet, and you want to aid the Republican nominee by releasing details about an investigation of a third party who may or may not have emailed Clinton.

Need we be reminded that the FBI doesn’t bring charges against anyone?  That’s the task of the Attorney General.  The FBI investigates, and it keeps quiet about investigations so as not to prejudice potential jurors or to ruin peoples lives unjustly.

There is no justice in America.  Because our justice system is corrupt.  And it’s corrupt politically.  And James Comey is the poster boy of the political corruption of law enforcement.

Written by Jim

29 Oct 2016 at 7:03 pm

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Well That’s a Load Off!


Who wants to take all that ‘love one another stuff’ literally, #AmIRight….

[Of course the problem with the ‘I don’t take the Bible literally’ herd of ignoramuses is that they don’t really mean what they say.  What they mean is that they don’t take the parts they don’t like literally.  Things that make them uncomfortable, or challenge their precious Millennial preconceptions, or cause them to rethink their social ethics, those they don’t take literally.  But of course they’re the first ones to chime in with ‘don’t judge me’ as soon as you challenge their theologically ignorant misreadings of texts.  That they think they’re taking literally though of course they aren’t.  They take the Bible neither literally nor seriously.  They take it in pieces and consequently they take it to pieces.  And worst of all, their ignorance is so invincible, they don’t even know what they’re doing.]

If You Have $1,000,000 Lying Around You Can Buy ‘Dead Sea Scroll’ Fragments…

Here’s the flyer.


If you want to buy unprovenanced, probably fraudulent trinkets- have at.

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29 Oct 2016 at 9:38 am

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Helen Ingram’s ‘The Omega Course’- Free on Kindle

51p9qlzzr1lHelen wrote a novel.  And through Halloween it’s free for kindle.  Americans can get theirs here and the rest of you can go to your Amazon store for it.

In December 2003 a young Theology undergraduate student and an elderly artist struck up a friendship that led to the student becoming the artist’s muse and the regular focus of his work. As they began working together it became apparent that the artist was well versed in the rituals and teachings of ancient magic and he had very peculiar theories when it came to Christianity and the person of Jesus Christ. The artist believed that the Jesus of the Gospels was not the Son of God but a very competent magician who was able to manipulate the spirit world and it was entirely possible for anyone in the modern age to learn how to perform the same miracles and achieve the same divine status.

The student recorded their discussions in an online journal and she began to experiment with these magical rituals and techniques with both remarkable and disturbing consequences. Upon meeting the artist’s male muse her experimentations took a darker turn and she began to wonder whether she was being watched by demonic or divine forces that sought to prevent the revelation of this magical knowledge at all costs…

‘The Omega Course’ documents the student’s descent into the shadowy world of ancient magic and charts the development of her working relationships with the grandfatherly artist and his handsome but mysterious male muse. Was Jesus a magician? Is the artist correct when he says that anyone can learn the same magical techniques and become like Jesus? And what are the terrible costs that must be paid in order to make this ultimate transformation?

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29 Oct 2016 at 8:42 am

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The Luther Code, Parts One through Three

The subject- Freedom.  Part one is here.


Part Two- the Search for Truth, is here.  And part three, on equality, is here.  There are three more to come.


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29 Oct 2016 at 8:23 am

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