Don’t Buy Kenmore

My daughter has a Kenmore refrigerator in her house.  It went on the fritz a couple of weeks ago so I called a local repairman and he had a lot of trouble finding the part he needed.  In fact, he couldn’t.

So I contacted Sears and arranged a repairman.  I told them what the other repair guy had found, what part was needed, and why.  The person I chatted with at Sears Home Repair said it was all noted in the service call and there would be no problem at all having the refrigerator repaired.  Which was supposed to happen today.

So I went to my daughter’s house to wait for the repairman to arrive.  My phone rings.  I answer it.  It’s the Sears repairman.

He informs me that he’s not got the part on his truck.  Why not?  He just didn’t have it and before he could order it he would, get this, have to come out, inspect the fridge (for the $99 service call fee), then order the part, which would arrive in two weeks, and then he could return (for a $99 service call fee), install the part, and charge me for the service call, the part, and labor.


I could order the part myself…. and when it arrives…. I can schedule another appointment….

ARE YOU SERIOUS?  I will never buy another thing from Kenmore, or Sears.  Their service is beyond shoddy and the promises they make to do repairs aren’t followed through with.  They appear to wish to do as little as possible whilst charging the most they can for doing nothing aside from removing a few screws, unplugging a circuit board, and plugging the new one in.

It’s outrageous that American companies are so pathetically unmotivated to service their own products with any sense of concern for the customer.  Outrageous.