I Appreciate the Thought, But…

I don’t have an ecumenical bone in my body.  Sure, I think Christians should get along and all that and work together in the world- but trying to re-unify and all that rot; Lutherans talking with the Vatican or the Vatican talking to the Orthodox Patriarch in hopes of some sort of theological concord is, to me, as absurd as trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube.  If it happens, more is lost than gained.  So a volume on ecumenical theology is as interesting to me as a book by Joel Osteen.

And ‘missions’… well that topic has been hashed to death.  The only missional plan that has ever worked or will ever work is normal Christian folk actually living their faith where they are each and every day and sharing the Good News with their neighbors and co-workers as the opportunity arises.  That’s it.  If your ‘missional scheme’ extends beyond that, it deserves nothing but mockery.


So, while I appreciate being sent these two volumes- I will never review them because I will never read them.  There’s too much to read as it is that fascinates me- so I’m not about to waste time reading volumes that I would dislike immensely simply because of their subject matter.

Thank you, and good day, sir.

One thought on “I Appreciate the Thought, But…

  1. Abram K-J 26 Oct 2016 at 2:19 pm

    You can send them to me


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