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The ‘Westboro Baptist-ian’ Fundamentalist Jack Chick is Dead

His tracts were grotesque caricatures of Christianity and rival the perverse representations of the faith best found in the cult of Westboro NOT Baptist NOT Church.  And he’s dead.

God willing, his views will die soon too.  There are lives worth mourning when they are brought to their end and people by whom the world was made just a little bit better.  Chick wasn’t one of them and it would be profoundly hypocritical to feign sorrow.

When cancer is cut out of a body, no one is sad.

‘Life Together’, As it Really Is

Formerly many scoundrels shared in the blessings of the godly. Now many godly suffer for the sake of the evil. Thus in our time of peace many ungodly people enjoy the good things together with the godly. Hereafter in time of calamity we shall suffer punishment together with the ungodly. — Martin Luther

Luther: On Theologians’ Endorsements of Politicians

I was frightened and thought I was dreaming, it was such a thunderclap, such a great horrid fart did you let go here! You certainly pressed with great might to let out such a thunderous fart – it is a wonder that it did not tear your hole and belly apart! — Martin Luther

Wayne Grudem has Devolved into a Heretical Pandering Buffoon Akin to Metaxas and Falwell Jr.

Here’s why.  File this essay under ‘things no Christian theologian could ever say’ and ‘endorsing politicians is an evil no theologian can accept’.

This Plea For Aid Will Move You to Tears

David Creech shared this on facebook and I can’t stop weeping. You won’t be able to either…

Lutherbibel 2017- Isaiah 1:10ff

Höret des HERRN Wort, ihr Herren von Sodom! Nimm zu Ohren die Weisung unsres Gottes, du Volk von Gomorra! Was soll mir die Menge eurer Opfer?, spricht der HERR. Ich bin satt der Brandopfer von Widdern und des Fettes von Mastkälbern und habe kein Gefallen am Blut der Stiere, der Lämmer und Böcke. Wenn ihr kommt, zu erscheinen vor meinem Angesicht – wer fordert denn von euch, dass ihr meine Vorhöfe zertretet? Bringt nicht mehr dar so vergebliche Speisopfer! Das Räucherwerk ist mir ein Gräuel! Neumond und Sabbat, den Ruf zur Versammlung – Frevel und Festversammlung – ich mag es nicht! Meine Seele ist feind euren Neumonden und Jahresfesten; sie sind mir eine Last, ich bin’s müde, sie zu tragen. Und wenn ihr auch eure Hände ausbreitet, verberge ich doch meine Augen vor euch; und wenn ihr auch viel betet, höre ich euch doch nicht; denn eure Hände sind voll Blut. Wascht euch, reinigt euch, tut eure bösen Taten aus meinen Augen. Lasst ab vom Bösen, lernt Gutes tun! Trachtet nach Recht, helft den Unterdrückten, schafft den Waisen Recht, führt der Witwen Sache! So kommt denn und lasst uns miteinander rechten, spricht der HERR. Wenn eure Sünde auch blutrot ist, soll sie doch schneeweiß werden, und wenn sie rot ist wie Purpur, soll sie doch wie Wolle werden.

Quote of the Decade


Luther Shares His Feelings About the Pope

luther“Next to Satan there is no greater rascal than the pope. He has plotted evil things against me, but he’ll be the last. He isn’t afraid of resorting to terror, and in fact he plans misfortunes. He is a Florentine bastard.” — Martin Luther

Note- When 16th century theologians and authors talk about the ‘Florentines’ or make reference to the ‘florentiners’ they are talking about homosexuals.  Florence was well known as a hotspot of homosexual engagements.  Indeed, ‘Florentine’ became a byword for it.  ‘To Florence’ and its many forms all described the same activity.  Consequently, what Luther is calling the Pope is ‘a homosexual bastard’.

Jon Balserak’s New Introduction to Calvin

Calvinism: A Very Short Introduction, Jon Balserak

  • Discusses the ideas and practices of Calvinism, and their influence on modern society
  • Traces the history of Calvinism and its global spread via migrating peoples such as the early American settlers
  • Examines the life of John Calvin and the origins of Calvinism
  • Part of the Very Short Introductions series -millions of copies sold worldwide


If You Missed the Wipf and Stock Reception in 2015 at SBL, Don’t Miss it This Year!

They had a party to end all parties last year… (with thank to Ralph Keen for the photo).