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Matti Friedman’s Essay on the 8th Century Hebrew Fragment

Read it here.  Matti is a super writer.  And he wrote his essay back in, hold on to your hats, 2009!

Eric Cline’s Forthcoming Book “Three Stones Make a Wall”

The illustrator of Eric’s new book has a website.  And she’s incredibly talented.

Truth Matters. Facts Matter.

And we’re living in a post truth era.  Along those lines, you MUST listen to today’s This American Life.

You must.  YOU MUST.

“New” Judean desert papyrus sold by an anonymous antiquities dealer?

Good work by Roberta.

Roberta Mazza

Yesterday, Israel News Online and The Jewish Press have reported that a new papyrus “discovered recently in the Judean desert and purchased from an antique dealer” will be presented “next week at a conference on Innovations in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and its Environs, at the Rabin Jewish Studies Building on the Mount Scopus Campus of the Hebrew University.” The source seems to be another online journal, Makor Rishon (I’ve been unable to retrieve it).

The article, entitled “Discovery: ‘Jerusalem’ on Hebrew Papyrus”, written by journalist David Israel and published in both websites, explains that the papyrus “was examined by the Israel Antiquities Authority’s labs, and carbon dated. The results showed with certainty that the papyrus dates back to the 8th century BCE […]”

It seems that Professor Shmuel Ahituv (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) is involved in the study of the manuscript and more details will be unfolded after the conference…

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Getting from The Airport to The Downtown Area for #SBLAAR16

The San Antonio International Airport is approximately 8.5 miles from the downtown business district with a travel time of approximately 15 minutes by car.

Shuttle Service – Shuttle service to the downtown area is $18 one-way or $32 round-trip; Northwest Area (near SeaWorld) or JW Marriott is approximately $39 one-way or $60 round trip; Westin La Cantera approximately $26 one-way or $42 round-trip.  Look for the Shuttle Service kiosks in both terminals near baggage claim or book your trip in advance and get a discount – click here.

Taxi rides  – Traveling with a friend – two to six ride for the price of one. Approximate fares, not including tips, to the downtown business district from the airport range from $24 – $26; Northwest Area (near SeaWorld) $39-$41; Westin La Cantera Resort or JW Marriott $33-$35.


It looks like the pre-booked shuttle is the best option for those on a budget.

Coffee With Jesus


Today in Luther’s Life- With A Note on the Best Method of Lecture Preparation

On October 22, 1512, the new doctor [Luther] was with appropriate ceremony received as a colleague by the faculty senate and apparently immediately began his preparations for lectures on the Psalms. These preparations included providing the Latin text of the Vulgate for the convenience of the students.

Accordingly, Luther contracted with Johann Grunenberg to print, in a special edition with wide margins and generous interlinear spaces, the Latin text of the Psalter together with appropriate headings and short summaries of the contents of the individual psalms. Into the white space of one of these printed copies Luther then wrote his own interlinear and marginal notes, copied perhaps from slips of paper used during his preparation.

These notes are the so-called glosses—brief explanations, mostly of a grammatical and philological nature, of individual words and phrases of the Biblical text. The students were expected to enter into their own, identical copies of the Psalter what Luther dictated from his. This was the normal way to begin such lectures.*

Might I say, printing up wide margin, double spaced pages of Scripture is such a sensible way to prepare lecture notes that it is the procedure I have always followed myself.  Of course students needn’t write down the notes I share… if they wish to fail.

In all seriousness- there’s just no better method that I’ve discovered for lecture prep.  Here are the notes for a bit of Ephesians from last Wednesday:


*Martin Luther, Luther’s Works, Vol. 10: First Lectures on the Psalms I: Psalms 1-75 (ed. Jaroslav Jan Pelikan, Hilton C. Oswald, and Helmut T. Lehmann; vol. 10, electronic ed.; Saint Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1999), ix.

The Great Pumpkin Biblioblogging Carnival Cometh

You have about a week to send in your links for the Avignonian Carnival.  The theme- The Great Pumpkins of Biblioblogging.  Send those links.

The 2016 Election Choices Summed Up