The Bee Stings Tim Tebow, Again

Tebow is a regular target for the Bee.  This time they write

After stealing second base in an Arizona Fall League game Thursday, former football player and now Scottsdale Scorpions left fielder Tim Tebow was reportedly overcome with a wave of guilt, and promptly apologized to the opposing team for his sin against them.

Having been walked in the third inning, Tebow picked up on the opposing pitcher’s slow delivery from the stretch, and dashed for second base on the first pitch to the subsequent hitter, making it easily.

Etc.  And that’s why I don’t watch baseball.  All that stealing.  And people boast about doing it!  Baseball just isn’t a Christian game.  Not like football (aka, soccer).

One thought on “The Bee Stings Tim Tebow, Again

  1. Bob Schilaci 21 Oct 2016 at 8:08 pm

    I’m planning to go to their game on 10/29 when they play the Surprise Saguaros. I’m going to see the Yankee prospects on the team…. but if Tebow does anything “sinful” I’ll let you know.

    Of course, that’s assuming that I can recognize it as such!


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