The Weirdest Reformation Themed Exhibit Yet: Kick a Hologram of Mary and Get the Word ‘Reformation’

File this one under ‘bizarre news‘:

The new National Museum in Estonia has backed down over a controversial display that allowed visitors to kick an exhibit which then showed an image of the Virgin Mary shattering, with the word ‘Reformation’ appearing.

The ‘holographic’ exhibit, which was criticised by church figures and politicians when it was unveiled earlier this month, will still appear to shatter at scheduled intervals but visitors will no longer be able to kick a spot on it.

Varro Vooglaid, the head of the Estonia Foundation for Family and Tradition, said that the museum, situated in Tartu, “has taken a big step in the right direction which we welcome.”

Vooglaid told LifeSiteNews: “Of course we want the exhibit removed entirely…But we welcome this change. It is an outrage, really very brutal and banal to allow people to kick an image of Our Lady.”

People have the weirdest notions sometimes.  Just weird.