Which One Is Telling the Truth?

This one-

The Council of the Society of Biblical Literature will meet on October 29-30, and I will raise these concerns at that time. I will also discuss my concerns with the American Academy of Religion to determine whether InterVarsity Press will be allowed to exhibit at future Annual Meetings, beginning in 2017. Further, I will request a temporary suspension of IVP’s booth registration for the 2017 Annual Meeting while we take this matter under advisement.

Or this one-


The one who isn’t seeking the removal of IVP from the annual meeting or the one who is?  Which part of ‘I will request suspension‘ is being misrepresented online?

While it is true that IVP hasn’t been banned (yet) in his own statement K. says that’s precisely what he will be requesting.  So, again, how is the notion that IVP is being excluded from SBL being misrepresented?

One thought on “Which One Is Telling the Truth?

  1. John F Kutsko 19 Oct 2016 at 7:06 pm

    To clarify, the reference to the suspension, as IVPress staff knows and understands (the letter was written to them, by the way), involved the early reservation of space for 2017 that takes place DURING the 2016 meeting. We hope to have this issue resolved by then, but it could take longer than November. Of course, we hope not.


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