The SBL’s Email Announcing its ‘Fall Meeting’ Fails to Mention Its Intended Action Against IVP

Here’s what the email says- and it just arrived from SBL-

Council Update: Fall 2016 Meeting Agenda

The SBL Council will be holding its fall meeting on October 29-30, 2016 in Atlanta, GA. In addition to covering our usual fall agenda, which includes such business as reviewing the society’s annual audit and its financial and department reports, the Council will also be working on new or ongoing initiatives. These include drafting a policy statement that affirms SBL’s commitment to academic freedom, discussing the possibility of convening special sessions at future annual and international meetings, and continuing our series of meetings with the SBL Committees to learn of each committee’s current needs and how the Council can be of continuing or better support. Be sure to check back here in November for a brief post-meeting update!

Given the behind the scenes efforts to ban IVP from the 2017 meeting, I find mention of academic freedom utterly ironic.  They’re going to draft a policy statement on academic freedom?  Surely it will have to include a mention of the fact that they reject it in publishers which do not adhere to their ideological agenda.

I also find it interesting that they don’t mention the intentions they sent to IVP.  Hiding something?