Let’s Play the ‘Which Publisher Should SBL Ban Next’ Game

To play, simply visit their exhibitors page, pick three publishers of whom you are ideologically intolerant, and write a letter to the SBL executive board letting them know how uncomfortable, unsafe, and marginalized those terrible publishers (whose stuff you needn’t buy and whose booths you needn’t visit, but never mind that inconvenient fact) make you ‘feel’.  Here are my three-

  • Baylor U. Press (because they’re Baptist and we know how those people are!)
  • BYU Press (Mormons.  Enough said).
  • Liturgical Press (Catholics… they won’t even let women be the Pope!  That makes me feel both marginalized AND unsafe.  I need my safe space.  Someone hug me…)

Pick your three, and send those letters in to john.kutsko@sbl-site.org