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SBL’s Plans to Bar IVPAcademic From the Annual Meeting

Earlier today Mike Bird tweeted


Having made enquiry, I’ve gotten a copy of SBL’s letter on the matter to IVP, which begins

I am writing this letter to register concern regarding IVCF’s recent publication of its “Theological Summary of Human Sexuality.” While we recognize the right of an employer, church, or ministry to set expectations for its members or staff, the matter that concerns SBL involves the hosting of InterVarsity Press in the joint Exhibit Hall at the SBL-AAR Annual Meetings.

SBL seeks to foster biblical scholarship through broad and open discussion from a variety of critical perspectives and in conformity with its core values, including collegiality, respect for critical inquiry, inclusivity, openness to change, respect for diversity, scholarly integrity, and tolerance.

After some irrelevancies it gets to the point-

The Council of the Society of Biblical Literature will meet on October 29-30, and I will raise these concerns at that time. I will also discuss my concerns with the American Academy of Religion to determine whether InterVarsity Press will be allowed to exhibit at future Annual Meetings, beginning in 2017. Further, I will request a temporary suspension of IVP’s booth registration for the 2017 Annual Meeting while we take this matter under advisement.

By what right?  And how is their barring IVP any manifestation of the much vaunted ‘tolerance’ of which they boast?  This really is outrageous and utterly inappropriate.  Is this the business of an academic association?  Is their intrusion into IVP’s inner workings fitting at any level?  Will they also bar Catholic Presses in the future since they, by and large, adhere to essential Catholic teaching?  Will the powers that be at SBL decide next year that Broadman-Holman’s views are outside the pale and thus they are no longer welcome to exhibit at the annual meeting?

Now that the door has been opened by SBL to interfere with independent, individual publishers will they next ban presenters from conservative schools?  Will Liberty University presenters be banned?  Where will the witch hunt end?  Who’s next?  And by what right?

If an LGBTQ publisher were banned would colleagues in the society be silent?  I can’t imagine that they would and I would even suggest that they shouldn’t.  Nor should they now.

SBL is in the business of promoting scholarship, not censorship nor the meddling with or in the internal affairs of other institutions.  SBL has stepped outside of its boundaries.  It needs to step back.

UPDATE: Here’s Mike Bird’s take.

Sarah Bond on Possessed Politicians

Here, which begins

At a recent Hillary Clinton campaign rally on Tuesday, October 11,President Obama took the opportunity to address some grave accusations waged against both himself and Hillary Clinton as of late, namely that they are demons. In reaction to a comment by radio host Alex Jones, who said the president smelled of sulfur, Obama playfully took a sniff of his own shirt sleeve and declared that he did not, in fact, agree with that assertion.

The accusation of demon possession has a long history within early Christian literature and liturgy–even if demon possession seems only the stuff of horror movies today.


So Let Me Get this Right, SBL Thinks it has the Right to Exclude Academic Publishers With Whom it Disagrees?

Since. When.


Since when did SBL decide that it would adopt some sort of heavy handed conformity agenda?  What gives SBL the right to make decisions like this without the authorization of its members?  Given the truly bizarre and off-the-wall publishers SBL has at every annual meeting, why does IVP Academic deserve, alone, its contempt?

Who the devil does the SBL think it is?

No matter your views on the issue of gay marriage, an academic society has no business at all adopting or enforcing some sort of ‘code’ by which members or exhibitors have to abide.  This is a betrayal of the academy and the persons who made this decision should be profoundly ashamed of themselves.

That Awkward Moment When the Christian Who Became an Atheist Has Become a Christian Again…

Christian to atheist to Christian again?  Meh. Can we say ‘cry for attention’… poor Teresa MacBain.  When she changes religions again it will be to Islam I suspect.  That’s where the attention really is nowadays. –  bit.ly/2dZvGD8

Quote of the Day


The Bee Stings The Century of Butchering Carried out By Planned Parenthood

In honor of the organization’s 100th birthday, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards announced Wednesday a bold new program, expanding a woman’s right to choose by offering a plethora of post-birth abortion services for fetuses from birth all the way up to eighteen months old.

“A woman should be able to determine her own destiny,” a smiling Richards told reporters. “That’s why we’re now allowing women to bring in any clump of cells younger than eighteen months, and they can count on us to be their advocate and take care of the problem right away.”

“Allowing anything less or even disagreeing with our new policy is a cold, heartless attack on women,” Richards warned.

In response to a question as to the legality of killing young children under the banner of “women’s reproductive rights,” Richards simply laughed and replied, “Are you in favor of an innocent woman being enslaved to parenthood just because she has the result of a pregnancy living in her home?” further adding that President Obama had already expressed his support of the new procedures, calling them a “brave and necessary act to protect the rights of women everywhere.”

“Thank you PP for being a champion for women! #100MoreYears” tweeted presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in response to the news.

A Planned Parenthood spokesperson also confirmed the organization’s plans to possibly expand the post-birth abortion program for fetuses up to eighteen years of age, should the pilot program prove to be as popular as expected.


An Actual Bonhoeffer Scholar Guts the Stupid Claims of Eric Metaxas

In an essay which includes this delightful segment

WRITTEN WITH BUT the slightest familiarity with German theology and history, Metaxas’s best-selling Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, was published by Thomas Nelson in the spring of 2010 and launched at the Young Republicans Club of New York City. Christians in the United States needed to learn some very important lessons from Bonhoeffer’s story, and Eric Metaxas, who some followers call “the American Bonhoeffer,” had been called by God to deliver these lessons in our own hour of decision: It is not the role of the state to take care of people. America is the greatest nation in the world. People can take care of themselves; small government is the best government. Germans turned to Hitler to do the things that other people ought to be doing, and we in America are in danger of the same mistake. People who like big government don’t believe in God; they’re secularists and can be compared to the Nazis. We need Bonhoeffer’s voice today—Metaxas told an interviewer—“especially in view of the big government ethos of the Obama administration.”

With a literary background that includes a popular biography of the abolitionist William Wilberforce and the VeggieTales children’s series, Metaxas said that his purpose in writing the book was to save Bonhoeffer from the liberals, from the globalists, the humanists, and the pacifists. His Bonhoeffer was a born-again Christian who espoused traditional family values.

This is complete nonsense.

Metaxas is profoundly ignorant.  If you buy his book, you’ve paid good money for a piece of complete garbage.  If someone gives you his book, it’s only because they hate you.  If you give someone the book, it is because you are ignorant of the facts and you hate the person you’re giving it to.

Bush ‘Lost’ 22 Million Emails…

So keep talking about Clinton’s 33,000 and keep opening yourself up to the justifiable charge of hypocrisy.

Clinton’s email habits look positively transparent when compared with the subpoena-dodging, email-hiding, private-server-using George W. Bush administration. Between 2003 and 2009, the Bush White House “lost” 22 million emails. This correspondence included millions of emails written during the darkest period in America’s recent history, when the Bush administration was ginning up support for what turned out to be a disastrous war in Iraq with false claims that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and, later, when it was firing U.S. attorneys for political reasons.

Read the whole essay, and then, yeah, go ahead, keep discussing things that only cast your own party in a more negative light.  You’ve lost the Presidency thanks to your choice of candidates.  You’ll soon lose the Senate and then the House, because your feckless idiocy continues to be your guiding principle.

When That Journalist Pretending to Be A Theologian Tweets…


The Fiery Fires of Hell

Read this.

‘The Fetish for a Subversive Jesus’

Read the essay by Robert Myles here.


And then he rubbishes Wright’s silly unhistorical Jesus.

If You’re in Chester, Or Manchester, Or Liverpool, or Anywhere in Wales or western England…

This is an event you should attend (via the U of C’s facebook page)

“The Dead Sea Copper Scroll: From Ancient Treasure to Modern Fixation”
A Public Event in Honour of the Appointment of
Professor George J. Brooke
as Visiting Professor in Biblical Studies.
Wednesday 9th November
7.30 – 10.00 pm
Binks Building (Room CBK011)
Chester Campus, University of Chester

To include an abridged educational screening of Ancient Mysteries: The Dead Sea Treasure Map, panel discussion, and wine reception.

On the evening of Wednesday 9th November, the Department of Theology and Religious Studies is holding a special event to mark the appointment of Professor George J. Brooke as Visiting Professor in Biblical Studies at the University of Chester, in acknowledgement and celebration of both his retirement and his immeasurable contribution to scholarship.

The focus of the event will be the so-called “Copper Scroll”, a 2,000-year-old treasure map engraved on copper and discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls. It was here in the North West of England 60 years ago that the scroll was first opened. The evening will include a celebration of George’s work, an introduction to the Copper Scroll by George himself, an abridged educational screening of a documentary on the Copper Scroll with which George was involved, and a panel discussion.

This will be followed by a wine reception, sponsored by Brill Academic Publishers.
Hope to see you there!