The Republican Woman Who, in 17 Tweets, Puts the Entire GOP in its Misogynistic Place

This. Is. Fantastic.  You can’t see me right now, but I’ve just been standing up applauding Marybeth Glenn- Republican woman who has fried the #GOP for its pathetic non-response to Donald *The Pervert* Trump.  I wish Marybeth would run for office in my area.  I’d vote for her.  A Lot.

Donald Trump isn’t the only one who can stay up late to tweet his displeasure. Early on Tuesday morning, Marybeth Glenn, a Wisconsin resident who tells she’s voted Republican ever since she could vote, expressed her grave disappointment in the Republican politicians still standing behind Trump.

In 17 fierce tweets, she decried the acts of the “cowards” who backed down from meaningful action against Trump in the wake of his recent horrific comments. Glenn laid out how she’s defended Republican politicians against claims of sexism, despite the disapproval of other women.

Glenn directed her tweets at prominent Republican politicians, including Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. When asked what she wants from them, she says, “I truly hope that they come out saying they’ll stand with women, unendorse, and at this point I believe they owe us an apology if they ever want our support again.”

Read it all and all the tweets.  Brilliant.  Honest.  On point.  If only our elected officials had the sense and respectability of regular citizens.