Four Years Ago I Excoriated Theologians Who Endorse Politicians

Here.  Where I wrote “Pastors Have No Business Endorsing Any Politician, Ever”

But evidently some do- to their eternal shame.  And apparently politicians crave it.

Howard Fineman tweets

Bachman people privately complain that some pastors would not endorse her cuz of her gender

Again, pastors have no business endorsing politicians.  Pastors serve a prophetic role in that they are assigned by God the task of insisting on righteousness in society.

Preaching the gospel has NOTHING to do with climbing into bed with politicians of ANY stripe, flavor, or gender.  When pastors foolishly and ignorantly ignore their primary calling simply to dabble in political nonsense for the sake of public notice (and let’s admit it- that’s all in the world that endorsements are), they FAIL.

It was that damnable heretic Constantine who taught preachers to be agents of the state instead of Prophets of the Lord.  Curse him.  He single handedly managed to corrupt the church more than any other of history’s heretics.

When pastors become tools of the state, they abandon their purpose, calling, and right-function.

One can’t confront the state with the prophetic message of God out of one side of the mouth while out of the other congratulating it for its actions.  One can’t excoriate injustice and endorse the proponents of injustice- the very policy makers who systematically oppress the poor while enriching the coffers of their rich brethren.

Pastors should be like Nathan- pointing their finger in the face of power, and denouncing it!  Not like toadying sycophants who lap up the drippings of popularity from the drool-buckets of the politicos.

So, pastor, go ahead, endorse away.  But as soon as the words ‘I endorse…’ fly from your lips, the Spirit and calling of God fly from your life.

It’s nice to see many of you finally catching up to the fact that theologians endorsing politicians is utterly improper.  It took you long enough.  But at least you finally made it.

2 thoughts on “Four Years Ago I Excoriated Theologians Who Endorse Politicians

  1. Matthew Hamilton 12 Oct 2016 at 5:18 pm

    So Jim, you have over various posts named and shamed the pastors who back Trump, but where is the naming and shaming the pastors who back Clinton?


    • Jim 12 Oct 2016 at 5:21 pm

      care to point me to any?


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