The Best Editorial to Date By a Christian, for Christians, Concerning Support for Donald Trump

As an evangelical and member of the Global Advisory Board of Christian Post’s parent company, I was heartbroken to read CP’s recent editorial telling evangelicals that we have a moral obligation to vote and must vote for either Donald Trump or a protest candidate.

I see three options for evangelicals in this election and none of them include voting for Trump. Evangelicals can morally justify a protest vote for a third party, not vote at all, or join the 30%+ of evangelicals saying they’ll vote for Hillary Clinton.

What we cannot do is to cast our vote for Donald Trump. The harm to the Christian witness if we support this man who embodies everything Christ warned Christians against in the Sermon on the Mount would last generations.

What will our Latino brothers and sisters think of us? How could we ever again have credibility on religious freedom if we are willing to trade the First Amendment rights of our Muslim American neighbors so easily? And what will our children learn when they see us cast our lot with this man?

We cannot be deceived about the man we’d be voting to make the most powerful man in the world.

Trump has said he will order U.S. soldiers to kill innocent women and children of our enemies and do “the unthinkable” when it comes to torture—all in violation of international law and Christian morality.

Trump said he has never asked God for forgiveness and does not need to.

Trump is a thrice-married adulterer who brags not only about cheating on his own wife but with the wives of other men. In the words of GOP Rep. Reid Ribble, “Trump is often simply hateful,” having mocked the disabled and saying things about women CP won’t even let me print. Remember, this is the man who says he’s never needed God’s forgiveness.

I know the editors of CP to be good evangelical Christians, but they made the same mistake many evangelicals are liable to make. They said they were actually tempted by Trump’s offer to “Vote for me, and I will give you Supreme Court picks and abolish the Johnson Amendment.”

Trump’s “tempting” offer is remarkably like another made two millennia ago … when the Devil offered Jesus the power to rule over all the kingdoms of the world with justice and mercy, if only Christ would bow down to the Devil. American Christians should not take a deal Jesus rejected.

Read the whole.  You owe it to yourself, and your faith.