Tim Stanley Makes The Point About Trump in A Few Paragraphs

What a depressing state of affairs. American democracy has been hijacked by a political arsonist – a man with little regard for his party or America’s democratic institutions, who has treated the voters in much the same way that he fantasised about treating women. And it was all, I suspect, a fantasy.

It’s worth watching the video in full. He boasts that as a famous man he can kiss and even touch women at will. But when we see him greeted by an attractive TV actress, he doesn’t actually do it. The camera is rolling of course, but why would that stop a true Casanova?

He talks to her in a flirty way. She looks like she’s heard every line before. That’s it. The reality is that Trump’s bravado camouflages inadequacy. He probably doesn’t have as much money as he says. He almost certainly doesn’t have a plan to beat the Islamists in Syria. He can’t string a coherent thought together.

He has raised some good, necessary issues that affect the working-class. But by behaving like a parody, he has turned them into a parody, too.

The Republican Party, meanwhile, is left with what? The growing certainty of defeat, a fear that Trump will lose them congressional seats, too. Worse, they have undone their own aspirations to make America a cleaner place. Anyone who thinks you can’t serve God and Mammon hasn’t seen the Republican Party lately.

Read the article.  Tim Stanley has seen things as they are.  That’s a rarity these days.