The Curious Reason Evangelicals Support Trump: SCOTUS

Every time one of the people who supports Trump mentions reasons the chief is always ‘the next POTUS will be appointing at least one, and probably more members of the Supreme Court and he will appoint Conservatives’.

Two questions:  How do you know he will appoint more than one?  And even if he appoints one or nine, what makes you think he’s telling the truth about the sort of Justices he will appoint?

How can, in sum, you trust a pathological liar to do anything he says he will do?

Oh, you say, he isn’t a liar?  You’re wrong of course.  He has proven himself to be a liar time after time.  Just ask the thousands of people he stiffed in business, promising to do one thing and then doing another.  Promising to pay a certain sum and then shorting the payment by hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands.

Your Trump trust is unfounded.  It’s time to tell the truth (as I’ve said before).  The real reason you support Trump is because you hate Clinton more than you love the truth.