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America and the Christian

Don’t act like you want America to be a better place when you cant even manage to live out your own faith on Sunday morning.  If God matters that little to you, you surely can’t imagine he, or his will, will mean anything to anyone else.

Voting and the Christian

I think I’ve concluded that if you can’t vote FOR someone you shouldn’t vote at all. If you vote for one because you hate the other more your vote is literally an act of hatred.  Which, for Christians anyway, should raise all manner of red flags and warning bells.

Wikileaks is the Wikipedia of News

I.e., filled with egregious made up inexpert rubbish contributed by biased and ignorant dilettantes wishing to perpetuate their own ridiculous notions to further their own agenda.

The latest release from WikiLeaks, a collection of emails supposedly hacked from the account of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, is getting very little public attention due to the fact that it contains nothing particularly scandalous to begin with, and the fact that it was released just as Donald Trump’s campaign was imploding in a sexual assault scandal. But those who have examined the Clinton email dump have found something fascinating: several of the emails aren’t real, and aren’t even good forgeries.

If your source has ‘wiki’ anywhere in the title and its contributors go by screen names rather than their own actual names … beware.

Jacob Neusner Has Died

UPDATE (Previously posted 8 October)- Now the news has hit the Jewish media.

neusnerWord is spreading amongst the guildmembers that Neusner has died.  May he rest in peace indeed.  I will try to update with further details when they become available.


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