Answering Your Letters

Dear Jim,

Why don’t you ever call out Hillary the way you do Donald?

A curious reader,



Dear Daniel,

Whilst I find many of Hillary’s policies personally and Scripturally offensive, she simply is not the horrific person as person that Donald Trump is.  She doesn’t act like an absolute pagan the way Trump does and she doesn’t speak about women, or men, in the demeaning and ungodly way that Trump does.

I would never endorse Clinton (or Trump or any other politician) because theological endorsements of politicians is a denial of the theologian’s task; regardless of what Eric Metaxas or Jerry Falwell Jr think (and neither of them are even mediocre theologians or thinkers).

In sum, when Clinton becomes the wretched human being that Trump is, she will be excoriated in the same way by me that Trump is.

A curious writer,