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A Lightbulb Moment for Republicans

House Speaker Paul Ryan, saying he was “sickened” by Donald Trump’s comments, announced Friday night that the GOP presidential nominee would no longer attend a Republican event on Saturday in Wisconsin at which the two were to appear. In unaired footage from 2005 that surfaced on Friday, Trump used vulgar terms to brag about trying to have sex with a married woman and being able to grope women. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus condemned Trump’s remark: “No woman should ever be described in these terms or talked about in this manner. Ever.” 

Via CNN.

That Intervarsity Bruhahahahahahahahah

Oh no!  What will the faux outraged do now?  Wait, never mind.  It’s an election year.  As you were…


The Bee Stings the American Super Hero Gender Swapping Syndrome

As part of a broader effort to increase the representation of diverse groups of people among its superheroes, Marvel Comics has announced a new bimonthly Captain America series, wherein Steve Rogers is re-imagined as a feminist, transgender, atheist Hydra agent, sources confirmed Friday.

“Rogers has always represented uncompromising truth, justice, and bravery,” a Marvel representative said. “And there’s no better way for us to convey that than to have him finally come out after 75 years as a female-to-male transgender who’s a hostile feminist and doesn’t believe in God. This is a true hero.”

“Oh, and he’s also been a Hydra agent the whole time—you didn’t see that twist coming, did you?” the rep continued.

The move was universally applauded immediately upon its official reveal, with pre-orders and subscriptions for the ongoing series smashing every other comic book line’s records.

In response to the positive feedback, DC Comics is rumored to be considering yet another reboot of its entire line of comics, wherein popular superheroes like Batman, Superman, and The Flash would come out as vegan, Muslim, and otherkin, respectively.


I Will Never Fly on Southwest Airlines, Ever

A Muslim man was told to leave a Southwest Airlines flight after another passenger overheard him speaking Arabic on his mobile phone.

Khairuldeen Makhzoomi, a 26-year-old Berkeley graduate, was removed from the plane at Los Angeles International Airport in April this year.

Once seated, he had made a brief call to his uncle in Baghdad, telling him how excited he was to ask a question to the UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, during a dinner the previous day.

Before hanging up, he said the Islamic phrase in Arabic of “inshallah”, meaning “God willing”.

He noticed a woman staring at him as he hung up the phone. He thought at first she had been irritated by how loud he was speaking.

“One guy came with police officers within two minutes — I can’t believe how fast they were — and told me to get off the plane,” he told CNN.

An agent escorted him outside and asked him why he was speaking in Arabic considering “today’s political climate“.

Southwest should have told the woman that people are free to speak any language on their planes that they wish and the mere use of Arabic doesn’t count as an act of terrorism.  Furthermore, they should have reminded her that she uses Arabic every day, every time she writes a number.

America has degraded itself to the point of stupidity such as has never been seen in this country before.  It’s time to say no to the fearmongering ignorance that sees even the use of an Arabic word as a threat.  Stop it, you ignorant dullards.  Stop it.

And Southwest, because you aided and abetted, I will never, ever fly with you.  Ever.

Conference Announcement: Paradigm Change in Pentateuchal Research, Conference at the Staatsunabhängige Theologische Hochschule Basel, 16.-18. March 2017

The entire program and details are available here.

Zwingli: The Greatest of the Reformers

I’m sure that’s the conclusion the panel came to in Zurich

Zwingli ein Spätrenaissance-Mensch, Luther manisch-depressiv: An einem NZZ-Podium diskutierten der Zürcher Kirchenratspräsident Michel Müller und die Historiker Peter Opitz und André Holenstein über die Strahlkraft der Reformatoren.

Read the whole exchange’s description.  I wish I had been there.