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Miroslav Volf Says Christians Should Vote for Hillary

I say that Volf urging Christians to vote for Hillary is just as odious and anti-Christian as Falwell Jr or Metaxas urging Christians to vote for Trump.

Christians (even if barely so for the sake of publicity like Metaxas and Falwell) telling Christians who they ought to vote for is neither Christian nor wise.

I’ve Been Inspired to Give Artistic Expression a Try…

Tell me what you think of my first portrait-


A Peek Inside the Private Facilities of NT Wright

Do you remember, by chance, the tv show ‘the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’?  Well there’s a new series coming called ‘the privies of the New Testament Scholars’.  It looks to be incredibly exciting.  One of their first shows features the privy of none less than NT Wright!


Word on the street is that Mike Bird and Chris Tilling, in their ongoing effort to ‘Be Like Wright’, have copies of this painting in their own privies and in fact James Crossley has it as well!  Glory!

Me- When People Get their Papers in On Time…


The Bee Stings The Duck Dynasty Devotionalists

[Disclaimer- I like DD- but I also like the Bee and its skill at pointing out how too many Christians are happy enough to replace Scripture with pop culture icons].

As part of an attempt to fulfill his goal of doing family devotionals at least five times per week, local father Brent Atkins reportedly counts each time he gathers the family around the television to watch a re-run of hit reality show Duck Dynasty as one such devotional session, sources confirmed.

“It’s working out great,” Atkins told reporters during a commercial break from the show Tuesday evening. “You get some wholesome entertainment, some down-to-earth life lessons—and they even pray at the end.”

Enjoy the rest.

If You’re In Zurich on 29 October…

Go to this!