The Bee Stings Pentebabbleist Heretic Sarah Young

New devotional Jesus Always, in which—as she did in her bestseller Jesus Calling—author Sarah Young dictates words spoken through her by Jesus Himself, debuted to strong sales during its Tuesday release.

But according to multiple reports, at least part of its initial sales spike was due to the book’s promotional website being ominously unclear about whether the “BUY NOW” button was a direct command from Jesus, written with the same power as the book—or perhaps just the words of the site’s developer.

“We know the words Sarah writes in her books are directly from the Savior—but does that authority extend also to advertising and promotional materials?” one reader wondered to reporters, before adding that she had purchase “numerous” copies earlier in the day, “just to be safe.”

“Even if Sarah herself didn’t write the words ‘BUY NOW’—they were written in her name, so don’t they carry the same authority?” she added.

One popular blogger and book reviewer was convinced. “The ‘BUY NOW’ button on the website is an imperative command from the King of Kings to purchase Jesus Always so we can experience His presence more fully,” he wrote in a Tuesday morning blog post. “The sheep know the voice of the Shepherd, and I feel a stirring in my soul telling me it is definitely Jesus through Sarah Young informing us of His will for us to buy this inspired book.”

She doesn’t speak Jesus’s words.  She speaks her own.  Only the unhinged pentebabbleist thinks Jesus dictates books to people.  So good on the Bee for stinging her.