Sure Seems Like a Hoax To Me

The story sounded fishy from the get-go.  Random thieves just happen to know where the Kardashians are and she just happens to have 10 million dollars in jewelry with her?  Seriously?  Are we really supposed to believe she traipses around with that much money dangling?  No.  Something’s up.

The whole tale raises questions mainly

…  is it possible the robbery is a hoax or some sort of stunt? Kanye has been very vocal about his money woes. Is it possible this is an elaborate plot to collect insurance money in an effort to solve her husband’s cash flow problem?The Internet seems to think so.

Some have compared Kim to Ryan Lochte, while others think the timing of her husband’s discovery of the news was fishy. Last night, Kanye West was told about the news mid-concert, prompting a dramatic walk-off from the stage.

There are plenty of reasons to doubt the tale.  Kanye isn’t exactly a paragon of virtue and neither is his bride.  So not only is fraud conceivable, it’s likely.