Trump Thinks PTSD is Weakness…

This little tidbit of an email from a Veteran’s group (I’m a Veteran, so I’m on some mailing lists) arrived a bit ago-

Earlier today, in front of a room full of veterans, Donald Trump suggested that veterans who commit suicide after returning from war just weren’t strong enough to handle what they had experienced overseas. Here is the full quote:

“When you talk about the mental health problems, when people come back from war and combat, and they seen things that maybe a lot of people in this room have seen many times over – and you’re strong and you can handle it – but a lot of people can’t handle it and they see horror stories.” – Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a man who received four deferments from the draft because of a “foot thing.” He said that avoiding STDs was his own personal Vietnam. He said Senator John McCain wasn’t a hero because he got caught. He lied about giving money to veterans’ charities and scammed widows out of death benefits at Trump University. And now this…

Dear Don, go to war.

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