Oecolampadius and Brenz: On the Marburg Colloquy

marburg1Œcolampadius in his account of the Colloquy is very much milder than Luther and milder than Zwingli. He believed that “there was no victory on either side since there was no fighting or contending.” Brenz is very explicit in regard to the split which was so plainly manifested between the speakers, and which surprised and grieved the Landgrave. He says:

marburg2“Afterwards, when the meeting had been disbanded, the Prince tried every possible way to secure agreement between us, speaking to each one of us by himself without witnesses, and begging, warning, exhorting, demanding that we have regard to the Republic of Christ and put strife away. [Failing to secure the absolute submission of the Zwinglians] we decided with one voice that they were outside the Communion of the Christian Church, and could not be recognised by us as brethren and members of the Church. This our opponents thought very hard indeed.… But when the Prince also thought it hard we modified our decision so far as to be willing to recognise our opponents of the Zwingli and Œcolampadius following as friends, but not as brethren and members of the Church of Christ.”

Johannes… such a nice guy.  Brenz, such a – well – Lutheran…