Higher Ed Has Become, In Many Places, Thanks to the Precious Snowflakes, An Extreme Joke

You would think students instructed to report to the Gender-Based Misconduct Office had committed serious transgressions. Its name conjures images of creepy guys harassing and violating women.

Columbia University graduate Benjamin Sweetwood claims he did nothing of the sort. He got in trouble for doing something completely inoffensive: he referred to himself as handsome in a class.

“Now I’ve graduated from Columbia University, I am finally ready to reveal a dark and shameful secret I have kept buried for almost two years,” writes Sweetwood in a recent article about his experience. “I, Ben Sweetwood, committed ‘gender misconduct’ while a student at the above mentioned institution of higher learning.”

According to Sweetwood, the incident happened in his Chinese class. He was supposed to say something in Chinese, and that’s what he picked. The professor later told him she thought it was a funny remark, but one student had complained.

And more.  And it’s not The Onion.  It’s worse.  It’s real.  And Higher Ed is a real joke in too many Schools.  Like Columbia.  Pandering to the ‘student as consumer millennials’ will be the undoing of academics in this God forsaken degenerate country.

BTW- why the Devil does any school need a ‘Gender based misconduct office’?  What uselessness.