The Good Old Days…

A friend shared this gem with me-

… from Samuel Hammond, God’s Judgment upon Drunkards, Swearers, and Sabbath Breakers (1659): “A Butcher in Haslingfield, scoffing at the Preacher for his reproving of this sin, was in the instant of his railing,choaked by somewhat that stuck in his throat, which could by no means be got up or down; but strangled him. Oh the Divine Justice! how Righteous and Just is the Lord in all his wayes! how are his judgements past finding out!”

Oh boy!

Bullying is Murder

A mum reportedly found her 11-year-old son ‘hanged in his bedroom’ after claims he was being bullied three weeks into starting his new school.  The boy, who has been named locally as , was found in an unresponsive state when West Yorkshire Police officers and paramedics were called to a home in Tile Street, Bradford, shortly before 4.20pm yesterday.

The Beckfoot Upper Heaton pupil was taken to hospital, where he died a short time later.  Family friend Shabnam Rani said Asad had gone upstairs to his room to get changed and when his mother Farin went to check on him his door was locked.  She said Asad’s mum heard no response, broke the door and found him hanged in his bedroom.

This is so heartbreaking.  How terrible is it for an 11 year old that he thinks the unthinkable because of the cruelty of kids…  and does it.

Your deeds have consequences.

I’m Not Mad That Trump Didn’t Pay Taxes if he Didn’t…

I’m furious that our government provides loopholes for the wealthy in the tax code which allows them to avoid paying taxes at all.

If the rest of us didn’t pay taxes we’d be in prison.  But if you’re wealthy, you can get away with it thanks to our own elected officials and the laws they write.

Our elected officials do not care about the average American.  They care about the wealthy.  They care about themselves.  From the President down through the House and the Senate to the State officials and the County politicians.  All of them, to a man and to a woman, care only about money.

That’s why America is living at 1 minute till midnight.