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The Run Up to #SBL2016 Carnival: Postings From (Almost) Every Continent

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Welcome to the run up to SBL 2016 Carnival! Posts are organized this month by continent. Yup, our theme is biblical studies by continental divide! Let’s see what scholars around the world are thinking about as we approach the annual meeting in San Antonio- a location in North America.


Michael Langlois is interviewed by Le Monde de la Bible about the Maresha ostraca.  Michael is also teaching a course on the Bible and the Uni of Strassbourg that you can take.  Check out the details here.  And, Michael’s on a roll.  He’s doing a lecture on the reality of and resurrection of Jesus.

Tim M. has reviewed Logos 7.  For the French reader.

dogIan (on his blog pepsico) (strange name, I know), has some thoughts on the practicality of Acts 15.  Just read it, you’ll understand what that means.

The British Library is digitizing its Greek manuscripts, including its biblical ones.  They have loads of info on the project here and you can check it all out for yourself.  Speaking of books- they think they’ve found the Bible of John Knox up in Scotland!  Maybe.

Jim Davila reported and commented upon the mosaic tiles discovered at the purported site of the Second Temple.

The guys at Zurich launched a new biblioblog that you’ll surely want to check out (every now and again.  It’s not exactly active).  Their second post (just two so far) is about NT Wright…  ick.  !  What the devil is going on in the city of Zwingli and Bullinger????James Crossley, dogwalker

William Ross announced a symposium on Septuagint related stuff.  He says that There is an exciting event that was recently announced in the Septuagint studies community.  Exciting?  That’s a word not normally associated with Septuagint symposia.  So it must really be exciting!

There was, unsurprisingly, a bit of disagreement between Hurtado and Alexander on a certain matter of interest to some which Larry posted here.  As more folk have a chance to read a book that has just come out, doubtless more discussion will take place.  Maybe even a WWE Smackdown!  (Oh I hope so).  Larry also had some ontological musings to share.

burleighNicola attended a conference on the illicit trafficking of ancient artifacts and modern forgeries and she posted photos on her facebook page so I don’t know if you can see them or not if you aren’t her friend.  You should be though because she’s a delight.  I’ll just include this teaser showing Nina Burleigh (who is spectacular) talking about the Green collection.  And Roberta Mazza blogged the event after the fact.  Read her great report.

CSTT has announced a symposium on the Septuagint scheduled for September 28 – 29 (so by the time you read this it will be too late, but you’ll still get to hear about a neat blog in Finnish and English).  They also have a pretty interesting piece on the work done there at the institute.  Worth your time.



A session on the New Pauline Perspective was announced right here.  I hope that the name of he who must not be named didn’t come up.

North America

Leen R. has a fun post on the discovery of bits of a mosaic floor claimed to be have originated in the Second Temple.

Bill Heroman has some things to observe concerning Jesus.  Something about morality or something.  Bill must not be paying attention to American society because these days morality doesn’t matter one little bit.  Just ask Donald *Hey Watch This Sex Tape* Trump and his supporters…

Scot McKnight has a fantastic takedown of the really absurd lunacy of the ESV and its editors.  Speaking of the ESV- there’s a new essay in the JSNT about Satan in the New Testament!

Joel *The Mether* Watts has a spiffy vid on the canon.  Do view.  Ashley’s dad / Jenn’s husband has a fine post on the problem of plagiarism in academic biblical studies/ theology that you should read.  Though frankly, he should name names.

Oh boy they’ve found a bauble in Israel!  You know what this means!!!  That’s right, the entire biblical chronology and historical claims have been PROVEN 100% accurate once again!  Josh McDowell can add another chapter to his little misrepresentative historically ignorant and theologically baseless book ‘Evidence Which Demands a Verdict: How Circular Reasoning in archaeology is Endlessly Proving What we Already Know!”

I’m including mention of this post because it’s on a blog by some Orthodox guy in Pennsylvania about some book I will never read.   So why include it?  Because he’s the only Orthodox blogger I have ever seen!  He’s an oddity!!!!!

Jason shares 4 reasons to study the biblical languages.  They’re ok reasons I guess but he misses the real reason:  if you don’t read Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek you aren’t really reading the Bible- you’re reading someone’s interpretation of the Bible (because every single translation in the world is an interpretation).  Reading scripture in translation is like kissing your spouse through a sheet.

South America

2There should be more bibliobloggers down south (and in Antarctica).  But till then, they have a master of the art in Ayrton Jose, who this month posts on the apocryphal lit.


Mike Bird has been reading Udo Schnelle and he has discovered that Udo has some interesting things to say about Paul.  Oh the Germans.  They always have interesting things to say.

Deane Galbraith has been reading French magazines which interview Thomas Romer.  You’ll want to read Deane’s rendition.  You’ll also want to read his gigantic post on giants.  And his post sharing videos from a something or other Jesus conference in Twickenham.  Which isn’t even in New Zealand.  It’s in England.

George *The Giant* Athas posted a piece on Lot.  Who doesn’t love Lot tales?  Here’s how he starts off:

Have you ever been shocked by Lot’s suggestion to the mob at Sodom in Genesis 19? Have you ever been puzzled by why he would ever do such a thing? Well, it’s because the narrative has such a magnificent twist that even our modern translators have been fooled by it. All is not as it seems, folks!

Ohhhh……  And George also expresses interest in an essay about Hebrew and how it changed over time.  As one does.


[This is very awkward.  The people in Antarctica need to get their heads out of their ice and focus on things that really matter- like the Bible].


The chief event to come from the African Continent was the 2016 meeting of IOSOT.  There weren’t any blogposts from it (unfortunately no one live blogged the event).  However, they did tweet it.  If you visit here you’ll see the tweetings following the #iosot2016.  It is very much worthwhile checking out.  There are loads of photos too.

A paper read at IOSOT made it to the presenter’s page and yes, you’re correct isn’t a blog but really, don’t you think it should be?  It’s very bloggish.  Anyway, this paper is by a Dutchlander and it’s on the Psalms.  What could go wrong?

Also from IOSOT, Willem has posted a bunch, and I mean a BUNCH of photos from the meeting.  You can see them here on his facebook page.

The Dutchlanders also made the news in their homeland!  Can you imagine the American press covering SBL???  Ha.  But the Netherlands News has a piece on IOSOT.


Well there you have it.  Biblioblogging entries from every continent except that one.  The ‘official’ Carnival is over here and someone called Randy has done a good job of cobbling together various and sundry posts from various folk about sundry things.  He even has a whole section about plagiarism.  I hope various commentary authors are paying attention….  Randy seems like a good guy but I’ve never seen him at CBA or SOTS or SBL so I’m pretty suspicious of him.  He might be in AAR…   (shiver).

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