LOCK YOUR GUNS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henry County officials have confirmed that one child has died following a shooting that involved a 3-year-old and 1-year-old.

A spokersperson for the department initially told 11ALive that authorities responded to the 900 block of King Mill Road in McDonough on Saturday afternoon on reports that a 10-year-old shot a 1-year-old. However an officer on the scene later confirmed that the older child was only 3-years-old.

Investigators are now on the scene attempting to piece together exactly how the incident came about and awaiting a search warrant for the home.

At this  point, officials are unsure if the 3-year-old shot the 1-year-old or if the younger child’s fatal wound was self-inflicted.

LOCK YOUR GUNS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!  Why is that so hard for you to understand??????????????  LOCK THEM UP or your kids are going to DIE.  You [edited and redacted].