The BEST Endorsement of THE Commentary Yet!

Via Ralph Keen, an expert on Melanchthon, who has evidently discovered a new ipsissima verum verba of the great Reformer!


Get your own copy of The ‘Person in the Pew’ commentary series and BE LIKE MELANCHTHON.  It is the only series of Commentaries written by a single person on the entire Bible and aimed at layfolk in modern history.



Just buy the PDF’s from yours truly for a paltry $199 by clicking my PayPal Link.  It’s that simple.  And if you mention Melanchthon in your email, you can have it for $150!!!!!  Seriously bargain-ous!!!

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  1. Hah! No wonder his name starts with the Latin word for Honey!!!! What a Honey of a person… you should just say “Thanks Hun…”


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