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Because If You’re Going to Have Insane Committees, Why Not…

Right Michigan?  I sure hope you guys (oops, sorry- you creatures) have enough safe spaces and trigger warnings to house all the precious snowflakes demanding their way…


A New Volume on the Barmen Declaration

Die Bedeutung der Barmer Thesen im historischen Kontext und ihre Rezeption
Reich bebildert veranschaulicht das Buch Vorgeschichte, Anlass und Einfluss der Barmer Erklärung auf das Handeln der Bekennenden Kirche. Prägnante Texte und Zitate beschreiben ihr Nachwirken in den beiden deutschen Staaten der Nachkriegszeit und der Ökumene. Kurzbiografien wichtiger Akteure, eine Darstellung der Ausstellungskonzeption und eine Zeittafel ergänzen das Textangebot.


A New Commentary on Romans By a Scholar Who Actually Understands Paul, and the New Testament

Der neue Kommentar zum Römerbrief
Paulus gilt als Grundlage der Reformation, aber seine reformatorische Auslegung geriet in Misskredit. Die lutherische Tradition betont einseitig die individuelle Funktion des Gesetzes, das in innere Konflikte führt. Dagegen stellt die „New Perspective on Paul“ den sozialen Konflikt zwischen Israel und anderen Völkern und die abgrenzende Funktion des Gesetzes ins Zentrum. Beides, der theologisch gedeutete Moralkonflikt und Sozialkonflikt, ergänzen einander jedoch, wenn man den Römerbrief mithilfe einer Kombination von bildsemantischen, sozialgeschichtlichen und psychologischen Methoden liest. Gerd Theißen und Petra von Gemünden verbinden beide Ansätze in ihrem innovativen Kommentar.

>> Hier finden Sie eine Leseprobe

From Israel! Big, Earth Shaking, Earth Shattering News About Evidence from ‘Hezekiah’s Time’

Oh boy they’ve found a bauble in Israel!  You know what this means!!!  That’s right, the entire biblical chronology and historical claims have been PROVEN 100% accurate once again!  Josh McDowell can add another chapter to his little misrepresentative historically ignorant and theologically baseless book ‘Evidence Which Demands a Verdict: How Circular Reasoning in archaeology is Endlessly Proving What we Already Know!”

The Bee Stings the Pseudo-Scientist Bill *I’m Not Really a Science Guy* Nye

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, television personality Bill Nye announced his plans to spend the evening of Halloween roaming his upscale Los Angeles neighborhood dressed as an actual scientist.

“I’ve always wanted to be a real scientist, and I have the perfect costume,” said Nye, best known for playing the title role on the 1990’s Saturday morning children’s program Bill Nye The Science Guy. “I already have a lab coat and bow tie that make me look super science-y.”  Nye told reporters he plans to enhance his costume by carrying copies of scientific journal articles, with his name substituted as the real author. “Aren’t these so lifelike?” he enthusiastically exclaimed. “They make me look like I’ve actually published serious peer-reviewed scientific research articles.”

The television personalty also confirmed that he will bring along some honorary doctorate degrees bestowed upon him by several universities. “These fake degrees look so authentic, they would make anyone seem like a legitimate scientific scholar committed to open-minded inquiry.”  “I’ll have to be careful what I say that night,” he added. “My costume is so convincing, people might believe that my personal opinions about a multitude of topics are actual scientific facts.”

When asked if he plans to spend any time on Halloween launching misinformed, condescending attacks on people who disagree with him politically or philosophically, he replied, “No, that’s not something a real scientist would do.”

Bill Nye is to science what Dr Phil is to psychiatry and Joel Osteen to theology.

He Raped Her While She Was in Second Grade, Until She Was in the Fourth Grade

Prosecutors in District Attorney Charme Allen’s Child Abuse Unit obtained multiple convictions against a man who raped a second grader.  Joshua Michael Stewart, 34, was convicted of rape of a child and two counts of aggravated sexual battery. After the jury returned their verdict, Judge Steve Sword set the case for sentencing on November 18.

During the trial, assistant district attorneys showed proof that Stewart sexually assaulted her, starting in 2007 when the victim was in the second grade through the time she was in the fourth grade. The victim did not disclose this information until several years later when Stewart was sent to prison on an unrelated Aggravated Assault case.

“This conviction stems from the bravery of a child who came forward, disclosed what happened to her, and then confronted her abuser in front of a courtroom full of strangers,” said Allen. “The courage of this child has put an end to this perpetrator’s abuse.”

Rape of a child is a Class A felony that carries a punishment of twenty-five years in prison without the possibility of parole. On each of the counts of aggravated sexual battery, Stewart is facing eight to twelve years in prison. At sentencing, prosecutors will ask Judge Sword for the maximum sentence on each count and to run those counts consecutive to each other to ensure Stewart remains in prison for as long as possible.

In prison as long as possible and in hell forever.


Satan chewing the molesters of children

This is What Happens When Business Majors instead of Theologians Serve as Pastors

After all, who needs the Holy Spirit when your ‘worship service’ (if you can honestly call it that) can be aided by the use of colors whose specific purpose is to manipulate your audience emotionally…

As Peter said to Simon Magus- mutatis mutandis

… τὸ ἀργύριόν σου σὺν σοὶ εἴη εἰς ἀπώλειαν…


Call For Papers: The 500th Anniversary of the (Lutheran) Reformation

Down yonder way, in Chile!

El 31 de octubre de 1517, el monje agustino Martín Lutero publicó 95 tesis contra el poder y la eficacia de las indulgencias. La publicación de este texto ha sido señalada como el inicio de la Reforma Protestante, un proceso cuyas consecuencias excedieron, con mucho, lo estrictamente eclesial y teológico. Aun cuando es perfectamente discutible la pertinencia de esta fecha específica como el inicio de la Reforma Protestante, existe un amplio consenso (académico y extra-académico) de que ella estimuló un movimiento que afectó a la sociedad alemana de la época y que se extendió en el tiempo hacia otras latitudes, generando nuevas formas de vivir y concebir la religiosidad, la sociedad y la relación entre política y religión.

La trascendencia de la Reforma y de sus diferentes tradiciones se mantiene hasta nuestros días, por lo que la conmemoración de los quinientos años del inicio de la Reforma Protestante es un momento privilegiado para analizar la trayectoria y las perspectivas de este fenómeno religioso, cultural, político, económico y artístico.

El Departamento de Ciencias Históricas de la Universidad de Chile convoca a estudiantes de postgrado de humanidades y ciencias sociales, académicos e investigadores nacionales e internacionales a postular comunicaciones para elCongreso “A 500 años de la Reforma Protestante. Trayectoria y perspectivas” a celebrarse los días 29 y 30 de mayo del 2017.

Etc.  But remember, Zwingli began Reforming in 1515.  Luther was late to the game.  Probably because he was busy drinking…

Academic Maltreatment of Grad Assistants

This is an important read.

A significant proportion of teaching at UK universities is undertaken by PhDstudents, who are mostly paid by the hour as graduate teaching assistants. Because research funding is so scarce, many of these students are paying for their own studies – so teaching forms a crucial part of their income.

They have usually been actively encouraged to take up advanced degrees because of their ability, but find themselves struggling to stay afloat. Meanwhile, the number of PhD graduates far exceeds the number of academic positions available – adding to the stress of the situation.

When university lecturers went on strike in May this year, they focused on pay and conditions for permanent staff, and the issue of hourly paid staff wasn’t given the prominence it deserves. It’s time for the sector to start paying attention to graduate teaching assistants (GTAs).

Etc.  Grad assistants really do deserve better.  Though, I have to add quite hastily, that my own time as a graduate teaching assistant was fantastic and I was fairly paid and enjoyed teaching classes both on campus and at campus remote locations tremendously.  But of course there weren’t, and aren’t many people like the late Donald C. Cook.  What a scholar… I miss him and his company.

My Present Mood Is…

I feel your pain, St Anthony…


One Last Carnival Call

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