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Quote of the Day

I hear they are expecting 100 million to watch #debatenight  … if 100 million were in church on Sunday… we wouldn’t be in this mess. —  Joel Watts

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Sad News: John Holladay Has Died

Professor Emeritus John (Jack) Holladay, B.Sc., Th.D., passed away peacefully at Toronto East General Hospital, late on September 23, 2016. Jack was the loving husband of Phyllis (Graham) Holladay, who left us far too early in 1993, the beloved father … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Long Reformation

Exploring processes of religious change in early-modern Scotland, this collection of essays takes a long-term perspective to consider developments in belief, identity, church structures and the social context of religion from the late-fifteenth century through to the mid-seventeenth century. The … Continue reading

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The Bible: Always Proving itself Annoying to American Liberal Ideology

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According to Trump’s Campaign Manager, He’s Such a Moron He Doesn’t Know When he’s Lying

His campaign manager actually said this: How can it be a lie if you don’t know which facts are true? Actually said it.  Which means, quite clearly, that she thinks Trump is so stupid, so ignorant, and so moronic that … Continue reading

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Methodism’s Motto

Methodism: When you’re too spiritual to be an Episcopalian and not spiritual enough to be a Baptist.

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My Debate Prediction

O LORD, how long shall I cry for help, and thou wilt not hear? Or cry to thee “Violence!” and thou wilt not save?   Why dost thou make me see wrongs and look upon trouble? Destruction and violence are before … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings the ‘Don’t Judge Me’ Thugs

In the dramatic climax of the highly publicized trial surrounding the alleged murder of her husband, defendant Kelly Bidwell took the stand Monday morning and stunned the judge, district attorney, and jury by simply telling the court they have no right … Continue reading

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Tweet of the Month

Because let’s face it, if you can’t stand up for a cause, what good are you?  Via Chris Tilling.

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Stuffing the Ballot Box for Donald Trump

Here’s what they think of Trump in a neighborhood in Georgia where Steve Inskeep of NPR is hanging out for the debate. I concur, dumpster sign wit. By the by- you should follow Inskeep on Instagram.  He’s a hoot.

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The Bee Stings the Pretend Concern of the ‘Celebrity Christian Author’

Local homeless man Buzz reported Monday his great sorrow leading to repentance over the size of his makeshift home fashioned out of cardboard boxes, after he found a discarded copy of David Platt’s bestselling book Radical in a nearby gutter and devoured … Continue reading

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Donald Trump and Jesus

via Steph on FB

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A New App for the iPhone- 1517 – Martin Luther and the Ninty-five theses

In the game you can help Martin Luther nailing his ninty-five theses to the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg. Each thesis is a level – but you have to be fast, because it’s getting harder each level. … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

We are at this point such enemies of our own salvation, because of our natural corruption (Rom 8:7; 1 Cor. 2:14), that if God had merely contented Himself to tell us that we shall find our salvation in Jesus Christ, … Continue reading

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Martin Luther: The Art of the Reformation

A copy of the two volume set arrived today.  Here are some photos.  One of the set in the box, one of the contents of the essay volume, and one of the contents of the catalog volume, and one of … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, Learn a Little History

Did you know, Don, that the ancient Egyptians wanted to build a wall to keep pastoralist nomads out of the Nile Delta?  Yeah, it didn’t work. Neferti, (1900 B.C.)- All happiness has gone away, the land is cast down in … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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Something for the Barthians

(Most of whom, in America, neither read German nor have read more than a book or two by Barth and yet fancy themselves ‘Barthians’…). Enjoy this fantastic website highlighting Barth’s resistance to the Nazis and the ‘German Christians’.  It’s authentically excellent.

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There’s Something Really Wrong With Us


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