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Hebrew Bible Job Opening

Via the undersigned-

See below for details of a fixed term vacancy in Hebrew Bible at the University of Exeter.
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Dr Paul Middleton
Secretary, The British New Testament Society

Quote of the Day

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. (Ps. 90:12)

Every day is a little life; and our whole life is but a day repeated: whence it is that old Jacob numbers his life by days; and Moses desires to be taught this point of holy arithmetic—to number not his years, but his days. Those, therefore, that dare lose a day, are dangerously prodigal; those that dare misspend it, desperate. — (Bishop Hall)

The Precious Snowflakes at UCL

For archaeology students, the opportunity to dig up important historical remains is an enticing prospect. But astonishingly, students at one of Britain’s leading universities have been given permission to walk out of classes if they find dealing with the past too traumatic. The move at University College London (UCL) is the latest example of controversial ‘trigger warnings’, where academics caution students about some potentially disturbing material.

The alerts are common at universities in the United States and are now growing in the UK, but critics have condemned them as ‘madness’.  Students at UCL taking the archaeologies of modern conflict course have been told that they will encounter ‘historical events that may be disturbing, even traumatising’.

That is madness.

If they feel stressed, they can ‘step outside’ for the rest of the class ‘without penalty’, though they should catch up by copying the notes of another student.  Lecturer Gabriel Moshenska, who co-ordinates the UCL course on how archaeology can help unearth the truth about 20th and 21st century conflicts, said some students had been in the Armed Forces and may have suffered psychological trauma.

He admitted no one had ever complained that they found one of his talks upsetting and said the alert was ‘precautionary’.  In another example of trigger warnings, classics lecturer Elizabeth Gloyn alerted students at Royal Holloway, University of London, before a lecture on Roman poet Ovid, saying some of his works described ‘domestic violence and other nasty things’.

Former Government adviser Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign For Real Education, said: ‘This is, in a sense, health and safety going mad again. We are back to an overprotective nanny state. ‘If you sign up for a course on the archaeology of battlefields or the poems of Ovid, you should know what you are going to get.’


The Exorcism of Donald Trump


What Kind of Idiot Leaves a Gun Where a Two Year Old Can Get It?

Who are these morons who leave guns lying around?  Who are they????

Metro police are investigating after a 2-year-old reportedly shot a 12-year-old at a Donelson home Sunday morning. It happened 200 block of Blue Hills Drive around 9:30 a.m. Metro police said the child was shot in the leg and transported to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital with serious, but non-life injuries.  No additional information was immediately released.

It’s just SO HARD not to hate people who put children in harms way.

For Eric Trump, $1,000,000 is Just About Nothing…

The diseased apple doesn’t fall far from the diseased tree.

Eric Trump on Friday defended his father’s self-made real estate mogul narrative, saying the Republican presidential nominee was the epitome of the American dream for having “gone from just about nothing” to become a successful real estate mogul in New York.

The younger Trump’s comments follow extensive reporting of how the GOP presidential candidate got his start in property development in part thanks to a $1 million loan from his father, Fred Trump, in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

So there you have it.  If you had $1,000,000 handed to you to start off you came from nearly nothing.

My New Favorite Church Hymn

With thanks to Ralph *The Papist* Keen for telling me about it.