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Hebrew Bible Job Opening

Via the undersigned- Colleagues, See below for details of a fixed term vacancy in Hebrew Bible at the University of Exeter. Best wishes, Paul. https://jobs.exeter.ac.uk/hrpr_webrecruitment/wrd/run/ETREC107GF.open?VACANCY_ID=144857FtI3&WVID=3817591jNg&LANG=USA Dr Paul Middleton Secretary, The British New Testament Society

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Quote of the Day

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. (Ps. 90:12) Every day is a little life; and our whole life is but a day repeated: whence it is that old Jacob numbers his … Continue reading

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The Precious Snowflakes at UCL

For archaeology students, the opportunity to dig up important historical remains is an enticing prospect. But astonishingly, students at one of Britain’s leading universities have been given permission to walk out of classes if they find dealing with the past too … Continue reading

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The Exorcism of Donald Trump

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What Kind of Idiot Leaves a Gun Where a Two Year Old Can Get It?

Who are these morons who leave guns lying around?  Who are they???? Metro police are investigating after a 2-year-old reportedly shot a 12-year-old at a Donelson home Sunday morning. It happened 200 block of Blue Hills Drive around 9:30 a.m. Metro police … Continue reading

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For Eric Trump, $1,000,000 is Just About Nothing…

The diseased apple doesn’t fall far from the diseased tree. Eric Trump on Friday defended his father’s self-made real estate mogul narrative, saying the Republican presidential nominee was the epitome of the American dream for having “gone from just about … Continue reading

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My New Favorite Church Hymn

With thanks to Ralph *The Papist* Keen for telling me about it.

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Fun Facts From Church History: On This Day in 1555

At Augsburg, September 25, 1555, the Lutherans, notwithstanding the double-dealing of some of the most powerful Protestant, or so-called Protestant, Princes, wrung from the Catholics the Decree of absolute religious independence in the sense and to the extent that neither … Continue reading

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