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Quote of the Day

Any teaching which urges a man to trust in himself is merely a deception. — John Calvin

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And You Think I’m Morose…

Via Helen Ingram.

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Celebrities and their Celebrity Twins

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Calvin’s Explanation of the ‘Nones’

These … are the mighty works of the Lord, perfected to his desires, and so wisely perfected that, when the angelic and human creation had sinned, that is had done not what God willed but what it itself willed, even … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: The Worship of Images Legitimized by the 7th Ecumenical Council

The Nicene Council (787 A.D.) nullified the decrees of the iconoclastic Synod of Constantinople, and solemnly sanctioned a limited worship (proskynesis) of images. Under images were understood the sign of the cross, and pictures of Christ, of the Virgin Mary, … Continue reading

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