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Europa reformata (english edition)
Reformationsstädte Europas und ihre Reformatoren
edited by Michael Welker, Michael Beintker and Albert de Lange

Europa_Reformata-Cover-ENGL_.inddMore than forty European Reformation cities and their reformers are presented in this book, places spread from as far as Spain via Central Europe to Estonia and Finland, and from Scotland and England to Romania. Well-founded texts and abundant photographs make the activities of the reformers (and their five female counterparts) come alive and highlight the cities with their buildings and historical sources from the Reformation. Supplemented by an illustrated map of Europe and information on church and tourist center addresses, the book is moreover a useful travel guide on the trails of the European Reformation. The perfect gift for the 500th Reformation jubilee.

Here’s the link to ISD.

Written by Jim

23/09/2016 at 12:06 pm

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