‘Gay’ and ‘Evangelical’

You know how once upon a time the word ‘gay’ meant ‘happy, carefree’ but now it doesn’t mean that at all to anyone who speaks English?  That’s what has happened to the word ‘Evangelical’.

‘Evangelical’ used to mean ‘a Protestant or Reformed Christian who held as true the historic teachings of the Christian faith’.  But now it means whatever its user wants it to mean including but not limited to ‘a person who denies the historic teachings of the Christian faith and embraces what is essentially nothing more than cultural Christianity’.

When Al Mohler can call himself an ‘Evangelical’ and Rachel Held Evans can call herself an ‘Evangelical’ someone doesn’t know what the word means.  Or, the word doesn’t mean anything and should be abandoned like avaunt has been.  It’s time for ‘Evangelical’ to avaunt.  Unless you fancy being lumped in with the merely cultural Christians whose views of the Christian faith are as foreign to actual Christian faith as can be imagined.