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The Church of England’s Abandonment of the Traditional Family

This is a fascinating essay by a C of E insider.

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Facebook’s New ‘Heresy’ Button!

Oh DON’T I WISH! Facebook introduced its wide range of reaction buttons earlier this year, and the popular social media network is expanding the tool with a new emoji which will allow users to call out content they see as … Continue reading

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A Public Lecture at UT

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Something Else Reformation Related

Europa reformata (english edition) Reformationsstädte Europas und ihre Reformatoren edited by Michael Welker, Michael Beintker and Albert de Lange More than forty European Reformation cities and their reformers are presented in this book, places spread from as far as Spain … Continue reading

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Martin Luther: The Art of the Reformation- Available from ISD

Via ISD- This Fall, exhibitions commemorating the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation will be shown in Minneapolis, New York, and Atlanta. They offer a comprehensive picture of the life and work of Martin Luther, his Reformation, its cultural-historical context … Continue reading

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Happy Ember Day!

An Episcopal Priest has posted on her timeline on the twitter that it’s something called ‘Ember Day’!  Why hasn’t anyone told me about this joyful celebration before?  Why have you been keeping this a secret from me, people! Happy Ember … Continue reading

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I Love this Video So Much

It cheers me up every time I watch it.

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Williams and Bonhoeffer…

At Sewanee.  And even if you don’t want to drive there from upper Slovenia, you can watch it on live stream. The annual DuBose Lectures will be held on Sept. 28 and 29, 2016 on the campus of the University … Continue reading

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Free From Brill: After Conversion- Iberia and the Emergence of Modernity

New in Open Access: After Conversion examines the religious and ideological consequences of mass conversion in Iberia, where Jews and Muslims were forcibly converted or expelled in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. Edited by Mercedes García-Arenal (Madrid). The … Continue reading

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Memory and the Reception of Jesus in Early Christianity

Originally posted on Biblical Studies Online:
The Memory and the Reception of Jesus in Early Christianity Conference was held on Friday 10th to Saturday 11th June 2016, at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. Some of the lectures from this conference are…

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Trump’s Campaign is Paying Trump’s Businesses…

This is shockingly unsurprising. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has paid his family’s businesses more than $8.2 million, according to a POLITICO analysis of campaign finance filings, which reveals an integrated business and political operation without precedent in national politics. The … Continue reading

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Did You Know That Before Obama Was Elected There Was No Racism Problem in America? Yeah, Neither Did I

But that’s what Trump’s campaign chair in Ohio said. Donald Trump’s campaign chair in a prominent Ohio county has claimed there was “no racism” during the 1960s and said black people who have not succeeded over the past half-century only … Continue reading

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‘Gay’ and ‘Evangelical’

You know how once upon a time the word ‘gay’ meant ‘happy, carefree’ but now it doesn’t mean that at all to anyone who speaks English?  That’s what has happened to the word ‘Evangelical’. ‘Evangelical’ used to mean ‘a Protestant … Continue reading

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A Photo from Class Sunday…

I don’t know who snapped this photo of me on Sunday but I’m going to make it my profile pic…

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