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Betty Shelby Has Been Charged With First Degree Manslaughter

Justice. Prosecutors in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have filed first-degree manslaughter charges against the white police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man on a city street.  District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler filed the charges Thursday against officer Betty Shelby, who shot … Continue reading

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A Look At The Inner Workings of the Mind of NT Wright…

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Jerome Zanchi (1516–90) and the Analysis of Reformed Scholastic Christology

A new volume from V&R which the good folk there have been kind enough to send along for review. This is a study of the Christology of Jerome Zanchi (1516–90). Scholars have examined aspects of his theology, but no one has … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings the PCUSA, and the UMC to Boot

According to sources, local Presbyterian Church (USA) minister Reverend Michael Bernstein has been preaching to a completely empty building since sometime in the fall of 1993, when the last remaining church member officially left the congregation.  “No one’s had the heart … Continue reading

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This is Absolutely True

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The Lutherans Satirize the Pentebabbleists

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Denying Her Voice: The Figure of Miriam in Ancient Jewish Literature

Newly published by V&R.  It’s a bit outside my area but I think it will be mind-expanding.  More on it in due course once I’ve reviewed it.

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An Archivist has Rediscovered John Knox’s Bible- Maybe…

Experts believe a unidentified bible held by Glasgow University may have belonged to John Knox – a founding father of the Protestant Reformation.  The large Old Testament, which is printed in Hebrew and Latin, was published in 1546 in Switzerland. … Continue reading

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