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Inconvenient Truth

via FB Eisenhower warned us.  It’s our own fault that the military industrial complex rules this country.

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On Commentaries: An Observation

People who don’t think commentaries on scripture matter and who refuse to make use of them are either fools or imbeciles. #YouDontKnowAsMuchAsYouThinkYouKnow

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In Which Chris Tilling Confesses The Truth During a Video Call

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With All Due Respect to the Fine Folk At Fortress…

Luther would go postal on you for publishing new age rubbish. “At one of our early gatherings, one of our members received a phone call in the midst of an evening session informing her that her husband had had a … Continue reading

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cracks in the dam(?)

Originally posted on Peripatetic Learning:
Dedicated readers of this blog will know at two things: 1) I am poor at posting consistently, and 2) a number of posts have dealt with the problems of plagiarism. Many of the instances of…

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If You Weren’t Very Well Educated…

Luther’s sermons would have been meaningless to you.  Here’s an example of Luther’s preaching: Luther’s sermons were mixtures of Latin, German, and sometimes Greek and Hebrew.  They weren’t intended for the masses, they were intended for University students and extremely … Continue reading

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Luther in 3D

This is sharp- Luther 3D from Here I stand… on Vimeo. Via.

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Geneva is A Moral Mess, So Calvin Is Invited to Return…

In 1540… Geneva was falling into more and more of disorder. Discipline was nil and immorality ran riot. The political freedom of the country was in danger. Bern, outwitting the Genevese commission, acquired treaty sovereignty, which the Great Council would … Continue reading

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Desmond Tutu Has Died? (Why Isn’t This All Over the News?)

The sad news is here.  He died Sunday!  And I’ve just seen mention of it.  On Facebook…  All we heard about yesterday was the divorce of imbecilic actors.  But not this…  UPDATE: It’s a hoax????  That’s terrible.  

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If You Oppose America’s Welcoming Syrian Refugees, You Need to Watch This Video

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